Madden 21: EA Requests Title Update Feedback Through Madden Voice

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EA has shown flexibility in shaping Madden 21 to player feedback, and a place for this feedback is open for the new September Title Update.

This place is Madden Voice.


Madden Voice

Madden Voice is a community hub for Madden 21 feedback.

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VISIBILITY: When players take their concerns to the right channels, EA can respond to them, and you can follow progress on Good Morning Madden


While many fans have taken to other forums to speak about the game, Madden Voice is the best place to get your feedback directly to developers.

EA Requests Madden 21 Feedback

EA has requested community feedback after the launch of the Madden 21 September Title Update.

Madden Voice September Title Update Feedback 1

This is likely in response to a physics bug after the release of the new Title Update. This bug required a new patch on 24 September to address it quickly.

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But this is also an opportunity to help EA better tailor Madden 21 to its players.

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This is something the company has shown with Franchise Mode changes in the pipeline based on community requests.