LoL Skarner VGU: After years in oblivion Skarner is once again in the spotlight

LoL Skarner Splash Art
Credit: Riot Games

LoL Skarner Splash Art
Credit: Riot Games

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Skarner was released in 2011 and its only rework happened a decade ago, with the LoL jungle champion spending the last couple of years in oblivion.

However, that is about to change, as LoL developers finally decided to give Skarner his much needed VGU rework. Skarner's appearance and gameplay abilities underwent huge changes, with even his lore being changed.

But when does this new Skarner arrive at Summoners Rift? And will these changes make him a viable champion again? Let's find that out below.

Skarner VGU release date

This new and improved version of Skarner goes live on PBE on 19 March, and it officially arrives at Summoners Rift on Wednesday, 2 April.

Skarner gameplay changes

As mentioned above, Skarner underwent some massive gameplay changes that aimed to modernize the champion kit, and deliver a "fun and disruptive gameplay experience".

Jungle is still expected to be his main role, and Skarner will continue to primarily be a tank champion that has good engage tools.

Skarner's new passive is called "Threads of Vibration". Now, every single Skarner attack applies Quaking to enemies, and opponents with three stacks of Quaking take max HP damage over time.

LoL Skarner Q Ability Icon
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Credit: Riot Games
Here is the new Skarner Q Ability Icon.

"Shattered Earth" is Skarner's new Q ability, where the champion picks up a rock from the ground that empowers his next three basic attacks. When Skarner attacks for the third time he then launches the rock into his enemy, which causes damage and slows his opponent.

It's also possible for Skarner to throw the rock before reaching his third basic attack by re-casting the ability. This is useful if you want to slow the enemy champion or finish him up if he is running away on low health.

Skarner W is called "Seismic Bastion", when activated he slams into the ground gaining a shield and also slowing and causing damage to enemies in its radius.

LoL Skarner Skin Splash Art
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Credit: Riot Games

Perhaps the best and most unique ability in Skarner's new kit is his E, "Ixtal Impact". This ability allows Skarner to charge forward, even going through a wall, and grab the first enemy or champion he hits. If he collides with a wall the enemy will be stunned and also damaged.

It's the perfect ability to gank, especially because it allows players to gank from positions where it was impossible to do so previously. So make sure to check your walls from now on if you are playing against Skarner.

His ultimate, "Impale", is still pretty similar. However, Skarner can now stun/impale up to three enemies, damaging and stunning them in the process. When he uses "Impale", Skarner gains movement speed for a short period.

New lore

Skarner is no longer part of Shurima, well not entirely at least, our favourite scorpion is now from the region of Ixtal. Ixtal is a free nation that is part of the Shuriman empire, and that prefers to keep all other factions at bay.

He is revered by the people of Ixtal, as he is one of the founding members of the Yun Tal castle. Skarner's life mission is to protect the people of Ixtal from all the evil in the world, and he does that by keeping Ixtal in isolation.

LoL New Sandscourge Skarner Splash Art
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Credit: Riot Games
Here is the new Sandscourge Skarner Splash Art

However, some of the people Skarner vowed to protect don't agree with this measure, which makes Skarner increasingly paranoid, but still willing to do whatever it takes to keep his people safe.

So Skarner is no longer the Scorpion from a hidden place in Shurima, he is now the protector of Ixtal, who is revered by his people.

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