LoL 14.2 Patch Notes: Champion buffs, item changes, & more

LoL Astronaut Fizz Splash Art
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The first big patch of LoL Season 14 has arrived, and it's going to introduce some huge changes!

In my previous articles, I talked about how Support items are dominating LoL, and what are the best items in Season 14. Well, it seems Riot Games read both articles and decided it was a good idea to nerf some of these powerful items.

However, items aren't the only thing that will be affected by the changes patch 14.2 will introduce. Some champions will receive nerfs or buffs, and Riot Games is also addressing some problems in the ranked system.

So let's find out everything about LoL patch 14.2.

Release date

LoL Patch 14.2 goes live on Wednesday, 24 January, according to Riot Games patch schedule.

The patch should launch at around 3pm PT/23pm GMT. However, this might change depending on your region and its respective time zone.

Champion changes

Just as I had mentioned above, patch 14.2 will introduce a plethora of balance changes, including many buffs and nerfs.

Riot Games developer, Matt Leung-Harrison, said that all the champions nerfed in this patch are being nerfed because of the "incredible synergies with the new items"

So it's more of a case of champions abusing specific items that synergize incredibly well with them than the champion being overpowered by itself.

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The reverse happened with champions that are receiving buffs. Most of them needed to be buffed because their core items either became much weaker or were removed from the game.

Ezreal, Darius, and Camille were arguably the biggest beneficiaries of these buffs. On the other hand, Fizz, Rumble, and especially Jax, received significant nerfs.

This doesn't come as a huge surprise, as both Rumble and Jax have dominated the casual and pro-play scene. When it comes to Fizz, the champion synergy with Stormsurge was just too good.

You can take a look at all the champions' expected buffs and nerfs below.

Champions buffs

  • Ahri
    • (E) Charm cooldown reduced from 14 to 12 seconds
  • Camille
    • Base HP increased
    • (Passive) Adaptive Defenses cooldown reduced
    • (Q) Precision Protocol Move Speed increased
    • (E Passive) Apprehend Armor Penetration increased
  • Ezreal
    • (Q) Mystic Shot damage increased
    • (W) Essence Flux damage increased
    • (R) Trueshot Barrage damage increased
  • Garen
    • (W) Courage duration adjusted from 2/2.75/3.5/4.25/5 to 4 flat seconds
    • (E) Judgement AD ratio increased
  • Gragas
    • Armor per level increased
    • HP per level increased
    • (W) Drunken Rage now deals 50% damage to structures
    • (R) Explosive Cask cooldown reduced
  • Gwen
    • (Passive) Thousand Cuts AP ratio increased from 0.65% per 100 AP to 0.725% per 100 AP
  • Hwei
    • (E) Subject Torment Cooldown reduced from 15/14/13/12/11 to 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds
    • (E Passive) Grim Visage fear duration increased
  • Illaoi
    • HP increased
    • (Passive) Prophet of an Elder God healing increased
    • Mana increased
  • Karma
    • HP increased
    • (Q) Inner Flame AP ratio increased
    • (E) Inspire base shield and AP ratio increased
  • Karthus
    • (Q) Lay Waste damage increased
    • (W) Wall of Pain Magic Resistance reduction increased from 15% to 25%
  • Shen
    • Base AD increased from 60 to 64
  • Veigar
    • Base HP increased from 550 to 580

Champions nerfs

  • Blitzcrank
    • Base Armor reduced from 40 to 37
    • (E) Power Fist AD ratio reduced from 100% to 80%
  • Fizz
    • (Q) Urchin Strike AP ratio reduced
    • (W Passive) Seastone Trident now deals 50% damage to structures
    • (W Passive) AP ratio reduced
  • Jax
    • (W) Empower now deals 50% damage to structures
    • (E) Counter Strike flat damage and target's max HP damage reduced
    • (R Passive) Grandmaster-at-Arms now deals 50% damage to structures
  • Rumble
    • (Q) Flamespitter damage reduced
    • (E) Electro Harpoon Magic Resistance reduction reduced
  • Teemo
    • (E) Toxic Shot on-hit AP ratio reduced
    • (R) Noxious Trap cooldown increased

Item changes

Item changes are the main point of this patch, as some items have defined the current meta, and also created some unhealthy strategies.

One of those strategies was the double support item, which is being nerfed to the ground in this patch. The reign of terror of Stormsurge is also seemingly coming to an end, with the item receiving a substantial nerf.

LoL Stormsurge
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Stormsurge has been dominating the Rift.

However, some items will also get some well-deserved love from Riot Games. These items, such as Divine Sunderer, Trinity Force, and Liandry's, will receive buffs that might make them viable once again.

These changes were necessary, and hopefully, will make the game more balanced and enjoyable. All things considered, Season 14 has had a great start and the game hasn't felt as enjoyable as it is right now in a very long time.

You can take a look at all the items' expected buffs and nerfs below.

Item nerfs

  • Bloodsong
    • Spellblade Expose Weakness damage amplification reduced
  • Frozen Heart
    • Cost increased
  • Riftmaker
    • Cost increased from 3000 to 3100 gold
  • Stormsurge
    • AP reduced from 100 to 90
    • Squall AP ratio reduced

Item buffs

  • Horizon Focus
    • Range required reduced, reveal radius increased
  • Steel Sigil
    • Cost reduced from 1200 to 1100 gold
  • Steel Sigil
    • Attack Speed increased
    • Cost reduced

That was all the major changes coming to the LoL in patch 14.2! Check out the full patch notes on the official LoL website here.

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