LoL 12.6 Skins: New Anima Squad skins have fans animated

A hefty League of Legends patch not only means tons of new content and changes but it also means new skins... and for LoL 12.6, there's a lot of them.

During 12.5 League players were stung with excitement by the amazing Bee skin line but now it's time for them to get animated by the highly-anticipated Anima Squad skins!

Without further delay, here are the skins players can expect in 12.6, League's next big update.

UPDATED - Riot reveal LoL 12.6 preview

Courtesy of Riot Phlox, we now have some information about what's to come in LoL patch 12.6.

The update is set to bring forth Healing changes via nerfs to Items and Runes, a Rengar rework, the regularly scheduled balancing and tuning, and more.

For the full LoL 12.6 preview visit here.

Riot release a 12.6 holdover update, patch 12.5b

To give more time for patch LoL 12.6, Riot released a mini update that gave more punch to an already powerful patch in 12.5 in the form of LoL 12.5b.

This update focused on nerfing League of Legends Season 12's popular ADC trio of Aphelios, Jinx, and Zeri while also giving buffs to other underutilized ones such as Ashe, Draven, Lucian, and Varus.

Lastly, it gave a touch-up on Master Yi following his recent changes and toned down popular support item, Locket of the Iron Solari down a notch.

For the full LoL 12.5b notes visit here.

LoL 12.6 Skins

Starting off with 12.2's New Lunar Year Celebration to a new buzzing Bee skin line, League of Legends has seen tons of new skins to start the year and Season 12, not missing a beat.

Speaking of not missing a beat, LoL 12.6 is set to bring on its own flare with a set of Anima Squad skins as we've got bats, cats, and bunnies jumping into the Summoner's Rift.

Additionally, Pyke will be getting his sixth skin.

Anima Squad Skins 2022

The much-anticipated Anima Squad skin line will finally make its League of Legends debut as a part of the LoL 12.6 skins after it was initially shown during the first developer's update of 2022.

These new skins show champions rocking a more futuristic theme that doesn't fail to raise eyebrows and perk up eyes.

The new Anima Squad Skins will be spanning across a total of five champions: Vayne, Miss Fortune, Riven, Jinx, and Sylas with Jinx receiving a Prestige Edition. They will all be purchasable at 1350 RP each.

Battle Bunny Miss Fortune

Battle Bunny Prime Riven

Battle Bat Vayne

Battle Wolf Sylas

Battle Cat Jinx

Battle Cat Jinx Prestige Edition

Ashen Knight Pyke

Also priced at 1350 RP, Pyke's sixth skin, Ashen Knight Pyke is set to also make its League of Legends debut alongside other LoL 12.6 skins.

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