LoL 12.5 Skins: New Bee Skins have fans buzzing

A new month means a new League of Legends patch, and a new League of Legends patch means new skins, and if LoL 12.4's skins were any indication, LoL 12.5's skins are going to be buzzing... literally!

Here are all of the new skins players can expect in LoL 12.5, League's newest update.

LATEST: LoL 12.5 patch notes REVEALED

Courtesy of a look behind the curtain from Riot Phlox, we now have a look into some of the balance changes coming in the LoL 12.5 patch notes, which will center around Seraphine buffs, Master Yi nerfs, and Hullbreaker changes.

Read over the LoL 12.5 patch notes changes in full here!

LoL 12.5 Skins

From 12.2's New Lunar Year Celebration to a return and revamp of the Shockblade skin line, League of Legends has seen plenty of new skins to start the year and Season 12. LoL patch 12.5 will certainly bee no different.

Although not following a specific tradition like the New Lunar Year's skins or revamping an old line like the Shockblade skins, 12.5 is adding more to an existing line all the same.

Bee Skins 2022

Continuing the tradition of the last few years, League of Legends is once again releasing bee-themed skins to celebrate the start of spring.

This year, it'll be Ziggs, Heimerdinger, Nunu and Willump, and Orianna's turn at receiving the bee skins. These skins give lots of bee-themed ideas to play with while also making sure that bee puns still remain a staple.

Each priced at 1350 RP, these new additions to the skin line are sure to be buzzing.


Using her ball as the main staple of the skin, Orianna brings a new take on the bee skin line, having the ball become a bee itself, with another one inside of it according to the splash art. When the ball travels, globs of honey rain down on her foes.


In contrast to Orianna, Heimerdinger becomes a bee himself... sort of. With a sizeable bee atop his head, Heimerdinger adds a focus on the look and feel of his turrets. His regular turrets turn into bees that shoot globs of honey while the upgraded turret from his ultimate resembles a queen bee, shooting more powerful balls of honey.


Ziggs takes his spot in the new skin line very seriously, as not only does he resemble a bee completely with his yellow-tinted hair and bright blue glasses, but he also changes things up by throwing bees instead of his usual bombs.

Nunu and Beelump

Lastly, Nunu and Willump are a combination of all of the skins' ideas combined. Willump becomes a giant monstrous bee that shoots a giant ball of honey and also turns the ground into a sticky honeycomb with his ultimate. While Nunu sits on the monster's back, wearing his own bee costume.

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