LoL 12.6: Massive Nexus and Inhibitor changes go unannounced

Most of the time when League of Legends undergoes unannounced changes right after a new update they tend to be small or insignificant. These often can be bug fixes or small quality of life changes.

During League of Legends' most recent update, LoL 12.6, however, some players noticed some massive changes to Nexus health and Inhibitors that were previously unannounced.

Here are the massive new hidden changes in LoL 12.6 and what we know about them so far.

Massive Nexus and Inhibitor changes go unannounced

First spotted by popular League of Legends creator, Vandiril, Nexus health and Inhibitor healing have received some huge changes in the latest LoL 12.6 update.

Previously the Nexus had 5,500 health but after LoL 12.6, Nexus' only have 3100 health. On top of these health nerfs, Nexus' and Inhibitors no longer regain health over time after LoL 12.6 as well!

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The reduced health and lack of healing were tested on both the red and blue sides, in order to make sure that it wasn't only affecting one team on the Summoner's Rift - and it indeed is a universal issue.

How do these changes affect the game?

The Nexus having its health effectively halved, as well as base structures not being able to heal is an immense change as it fundamentally changes how the game is played in some of its most decisive situations.

For starters, splitpushing becomes immediately more valuable as one team can constantly threaten to take out massive objectives over time, eventually ending the game faster than ever.

LoL 12.6: Massive Nexus and Inhibitor changes go unannounced - Nexus
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Credit: Riot Games
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With the changes, a champion with high structure damage like Trundle with an item like Hullbreaker can now take down the Nexus in just five to six hits, making for massively increased backdoor potential as well.

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Although this is undoubtedly major news, chances are that these changes are just a bug or an unwanted byproduct of something else in LoL 12.6. As Vandiril mentions that there is a good chance that this change was a mistake, and will hopefully be fixed soon.

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