League of Legends 11.20: Bewitching skins coming in new patch

The next League of Legends update, LoL 11.20, is just a week away - and what's a LoL update without some awesome new skins?

LoL 11.20 will introduce 6 new Bewitching skins to the game from the Harrowing Trick or Treat series.

Release Date

The Bewitched Skins Series will be part of the Halloween event coming to League of Legends Patch 11.20, on Wednesday, October 6th, 2021.

The servers will go down for maintenance around 6am EST, with the actual update going live around 9am EST.

LoL 11.20 Skins

Harrowing and Trick or Treat are a series of Skins that celebrate Halloween Festivities.

These skins reference trick-or-treating, with champions wearing costumes during the Harrowing, and are a part of the myths and legends of Halloween.

These skins are part of The Demonic Universe - and are divided into Trick or Treat, Vampires, Monsters, and Witches. With the League of Legends 11.20 Bewitching skins being part of the latest.

Riot Games will release new Bewitching skins for Fiora, Nami, Poppy, Syndra, and Yuumi, while Morgana gets her Prestige Edition

Bewitched Fiora

Bewitching Fiora is an Epic skin, costing 1350 RP ($10).

Bewitching Nami

Bewitching Nami is an Epic skin, costing 1350 RP ($10).

Prestige Bewitching Morgana

Morgana is getting the Prestige skin for the upcoming event in LoL 11.20.

Prestige Bewitching Morgana is a Prestige Skin, costing 2000 event tokens.

Bewitching Poppy

Bewitching Poppy is an Epic skin, costing 1350 RP ($10).

Bewitching Syndra

Bewitching Syndra is an Epic skin, costing 1350 RP ($10).

Bewitching Yuumi

Bewitching Yuumi is an Epic skin, costing 1350 RP ($10).

Bewitching Series

There are Seven Champions who previously received a Bewitching Skin, with Miss Fortune also receiving a Prestige Bewitching Skin:

  • Bewitching Miss Fortune (Prestige Edition)
  • Bewitching Elise
  • Bewitching LeBlanc
  • Bewitching Janna
  • Bewitching Morgana
  • Bewitching Nidalee
  • Bewitching Tristana

Skins on Sale This Week

New skins a little pricey for your RP count? You can find some interesting League of Legends skins discounted during this week, including:

  • Arcana Xerath 975 RP
  • Captain Fortune 438 RP
  • Debonair Galio 300 RP
  • Dragón Guardián Galio 975 RP
  • Dragonwing Corki 585 RP
  • K/DA All Out Kai’Sa 877 RP
  • Majestic Empress 810 RP
  • Space Groove Lorax 975 RP
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