League of Legends Amazon Prime Rewards

RIOT games and Amazon have been collaborating in the past few months, offering free content for League of Legends to Amazon Prime users.

This month's collaboration will gift players a good amount of skin fragments for connecting their accounts. This includes 7 skin shards, which amount to two full skins!

How to participate?

In order to start claiming your free skin shards you’ll need to have an active Amazon Prime membership.

Then you’ll need to link your Riot Games account to Prime Gaming:

  1. Click this link.
  2. Sign in with the Riot Account you want to claim the skin shards on.
  3. You will be redirected back to Prime Gaming, where you can claim your loot.

Once the rewards are redeemed, they are part of players' account even if they are no longer subscribe to Amazon Services.

How to Redeem LoL Amazon Prime rewards

Players will receive a Mystery Skin Shard, that will be available to open in the Loot tab. Whether the shards are from a skin you like or not, these can be upgraded with orange essence or rerolled into a different one by combining them.

Redeeming the skins shards is simple:

  • Visit Prime Gamin and scroll until you find LoL banner.
  • Make sure you are logged into your Prime Gaming Account.
  • Click each skin shard to claim the reward
  • Log in to League of Legends and check your Loot tab.

You can get a free skin shard every 10 days, all the way through to January 2022.

Prime Gaming skin shards not appearing

It is being reported that some users are not receiving the loot from Prime Gaming, so far Riot nor Amazon Prime seems to have a foolproof solution for this problem before it happens.

Instead, you'll have to bring these problems up with customer support to see if you can resolve the situation.

With these rewards being so regularly released, if you do have issues with one batch of skin shards, it's not necessarily a guarantee things will go wrong the next time.

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