League of Legends: Arcane Becomes First Gaming Show to Win an Emmy

Arcane took the world by storm with its release in 2021 and the same is true for the Emmys.

The hit Netflix League of Legends show is the first video game-based show to get an Emmy.

With video game films or tv often having a bad reputation, Arcane really perfected the lore of one of the biggest games to exist. This is a particularly hard feat with the number of fans the game has.

So, let's see how the hit show got so popular and what's in store next.

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The critically acclaimed show not only has been up for many awards but has adoring fans everywhere.

It only makes sense that the work of the Riot Games team has been rewarded after a long process to make the show.

Arcane delves into the origin story of Jinx and Vi, looking at the dysfunction between Zaun and Piltover too.

Many other recognisable faces such as Viktor, Jayce, and Caitlyn are all included too. The second season is even currently in production.

Arcane's win

The Arcane team won the Emmy for 'Outstanding Animated Program'.

This means that Bob's Burgers, Rick and Morty, The Simpsons and Marvel's What If…? were all left behind as Arcane took the win.

Christian Linke, the show's creator took the stage to accept the award and stated...

"It's a big deal for us as we come from video games. It's been amazing to see the world embrace our characters and our stories so thanks to Netflix who believed in us from the beginning, thanks to Riot Games, who worked on the whole IP… and to all the people that have been with our game and League of Legends for the last 12 years or so who helped make it as big as it is now."

With a second season of the show announced shortly after and Bridging The Rift also being released as a documentary about the making of the show. It's clear that Arcane has been a winner since its creation.

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