Netflix's Arcane Season Two: What We Know so Far

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Arcane Season two confirmed.
Credit: Riot Games

Netflix's League of Legends spin-off, Arcane, succeeded perfectly when it hit Netflix in 2021. Since then, fans have patiently (or impatiently) been waiting for the release of season 2 which was confirmed in November 2021. Directly after the release of the first season.

Arcane set unprecedented Netflix records and, to many, stands as one of the most significant shows in the history of animation, winning an Emmy in 2022 for Outstanding Animated Program.

The series plotline follows the righteous and civilised Piltover's rivalry between the claustrophobic and crime-ridden world of Zaun. The main characters are affected by this localised feud that causes families and relationships to split, deaths galore and a whole load of Caitlyn ults.

When does Arcane Season 2 come out?

Riot Games CEO, Nicolo Laurent released a tweet stating that the series will not be aired in 2022. As bad as this news is for doting fans, we know we at least won't have to wait six years for the next instalment.

Arcane and League of Legends fans can now rejoice as doubts and speculations have been cleared up. During a major Tencent Conference, a Riot representative announced that the much-anticipated Season 2 of the beloved Arcane will premiere in Q4 of 2024.

A screenshot of Arcane release date shared by LeagueOfLeaks on X.
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Credit: LeagueOfLeaks on X

Q4 refers to the fourth quarter of the year, which means that Arcane Season 2 will be released between October and December of 2024.

Will Warwick Appear in Season 2?

Despite no official confirmations as to whether Warwick will appear in the show. Cunning fans in season one noticed a still from it which seemed to hint at the inclusion of Warwick, and his creator Singed.

Vander being created by SInged in Arcane
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Singed can be seen seated on a chair, looking up at somebody hanging from his ceiling. The bearded shadow looks extremely similar to Warwick who was created by Singed as an experiment in Zaun.

This ties in well with the official League of Legends lore as Warwick's voice lines in-game say "Who taught you how to punch?" specifically to VI. A reference to how he trained her to fight as a young girl.

The season announcement for the second season also hints at Warwick's return in season two. At the end of the video, a clock can be heard ticking, perhaps a reference to the mechanical heart that Warwick was given by Singed? We will see in 2024.

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