Arcane skins in League of Legends: Who Has Them and Who Doesn't?

Netflix's hit series Arcane came onto our screens in November 2021. Fans and critics alike adored the show with ratings on IMDB hitting 9.3/10 with 99,000 ratings.

The high success rate of the show lead a nice entry for Riot to release their free skins for some of the show's protagonists. However, key characters from the show have no arcane variant skins despite their designs being one of the most interesting.

So who was left out of the hype skins from Arcane?

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Who has an Arcane skin?

Champions such as Vi, Caitlyn, Jinx and Jayce all have a skin directly from the show. A huge boom was seen on screens worldwide as everyone equipped the Arcane skins helping to advertise the already successful series further.

Vi Arcane skin
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The skins were easily unlocked by purely playing games, whether a win or a loss. The event focussing on the series released each skin separately starting with Jayce on November 8, Vi on November 15, Caitlyn on November 22 and Jinx on November 24.

Who doesn't have an Arcane skin?

Champions such as Ekko, Viktor, and Heimerdinger missed out on the skin updates despite fans expressing anger about it.

Ekko's design in the show was one that was particularly favoured by fans, so not releasing an official skin from the show seemed like a lost opportunity. Although in the PBE, firelight Ekko had been updated in reference to the series.

Firelight Ekko Skin
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Skins for Viktor, Singed and Vander (Warwick) could be released in the second season as the characters develop along their lore journeys.

Viktor's new armour is going to be an exciting development of cosmetic changes if brought into the game. Even just viewing the show, that first glimpse of his new work will be an edge of the seat experience for all fans.

Fans worldwide expressed excitement at the release of the skins, but Riot could have done better by providing more skins for the characters left out of the show, such as Heimerdinger.

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