Arcane: What Champions May Appear in Season Two?

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Arcane is the highly grossing Netflix story covering many champions from Piltover and Zaun. The successful League of Legends series has been confirmed for a second season with no release date yet confirmed.

The clever writers of the show included several hints as to what new champions may be included in the second season. Although none of these are confirmed, there is heavy evidence backed up by lore which is keeping the conversation going.


The excitement rises as speculation runs wild, let's see who people are thinking of.

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Ziggs has heavy lore based around Jinx. With both champions loving explosions, it only makes sense that the yordle would be included in the show.

Ziggs Splashart

However, all of the characters' lives in the show the deep nature of their personalities, and Ziggs's eclectic and bomb focussed self does not quite fit the developmental stages that each character goes through.


In Blitzcrank's lore, they were made by Viktor to offer support to a chemical spill that affected the inhabitants of Zaun, his home. Blitz helped clean up after the disaster and provided aid to the inhabitants affected.

Blitzcrank helping people in Zaun

The timeline of Arcane is sometimes janky, so it may be possible that this chemical spill is depicted in the show to bring about Blitzcrank. But his storyline doesn't seem to add much to the current flow of the show.


This is the first champion on the list who was possibly hinted at in the show. Singed and Silco experiment on a rat who is seen to drink chemtech. However, this is not the only time we have seen a rat around chemtech in the show. Later in the series, a rat is spotted by a pipe smelling the chemtech. And probably ingesting some too.

Possibly Twitch in Arcane

Zeri and Renata

Zeri and Renata both have ties outside of Arcane. Renata is the biggest chem-baron of Zaun whose plans are constantly interrupted by Zeri.

Zeri and Renata in LoL

As such big characters in Zaun, it would be no shock if both of these are included in the show. Renata could even possibly take the place of Silco.


You didn't think we would miss the biggest discussion point on this list, did you?

Warwick has been pretty much confirmed to be in season two of Arcane. There is one still from season one which shows Singed working on somebody hung up on the ceiling. This sticks to his lore as well.

Vander hanging from Singed's ceiling

The sad part about this, is that it is speculated that Vander is actually Warwick. This is supported as the still shows a bearded man who looks very similar to Warwick. His voice lines to Vi and Jinx in-game also support this as he states "You were there…", "The fear in your eyes. I've seen it before.", and "Who taught you how to punch?".

Despite all the speculation of the champions in season two, everyone is unsure of who will be in it. However, even if they do not appear in the show, you best believe there will be easter eggs hidden throughout.