LoL Patch 14.5 Seraphine Changes: Is the APC queen dead?

LoL Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine splash art.
Credit: Riot Games

LoL Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine splash art.
Credit: Riot Games

Seraphine's journey in League of Legends has been a whirlwind. Once a popular mid-lane enchanter, she's constantly adapting to the ever-changing battlefield. Patch 14.5 marks another turning point, with some players already singing its praises while others fear an off-key performance.

We all have fond memories of farming with her Q missile, but those days might be behind us. Patch 14.5 hints at a potential shift towards a more supportive role, leaving the AP Carry Seraphine in question. Some fans have already expressed their dissatisfaction, while others are exploring Seraphine's new abilities, as she has received quite a rework in the latest patch.

Patch 14.5 Seraphine mini rework marks a turn for Support

Seraphine's rise to prominence wasn't in the mid-lane, but rather in the bot lane as a powerful AP Carry especially thanks to:

  • High Note (Q): This spell excelled at clearing minion waves, allowing Seraphine to farm efficiently and pressure towers in the bot lane
  • Beat Drop (E): This spell blasted her enemies with a mix of magic damage and 99% slowing them down for 1.4 seconds
  • Surround Sound (W): This shield protected herself and her ADC (Attack Damage Carry) or support, making her a valuable asset in bot lane fights
Seraphine season 14 support
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Credit: Riot Games
Seraphine season 14 support

These strengths and her impressive scaling with Ability Power made her a dominant bot lane carry, especially in higher elos. However, this wasn't quite what Riot envisioned for Seraphine. Many players found greater success with her as a support, utilising her kit to empower allies.

Recognising this trend, Riot implemented changes in Patch 14.5 that nudge Seraphine back towards her intended support role.

Patch 14.5 Seraphine adjustment breakdown

Seraphine's dominance in the bot lane as an AP Carry is undergoing a significant shift with Patch 14.5. While the option remains, Riot's adjustments clearly push her towards a more supportive role.

  • Mana Regen Growth: Increased from 0.4 to 0.95 per level. (Impact: Improves early game sustain for frequent ability use which boosts her support role.)
  • Base Movement Speed: Increased from 325 to 330.
  • Base Attack Damage: Decreased from 55 to 50.
  • Mana Growth: Decreased from 50 to 25 per level. (Impact: Less impactful for supports who rely less on mana pool scaling.)

High Note (Q)

  • Base Damage: Increased from 55-155 (based on level) to 60-160 (based on level).
  • Missing Health Amplification: Increased from 50% to 60%.
  • Missile Speed: Increased from 1200 to 1300.
  • Mana Cost: Decreased from 65-85 (based on level) to 60-100 (based on level). (Impact: Lower mana cost allows for more frequent Q usage, a benefit for the support role)
  • Removed: Damage amp no longer affects non-champions. (Impact: Less wave clear potential due to inability to execute minions with Q.)
  • Removed: No longer prevents minions from dying to other minions while in flight. (Impact: Further reduces wave clear efficiency.)

Surround Sound (W)

  • Base Shield: Increased from 50-150 (based on level) to 60-160 (based on level). (Impact: Stronger shields benefit both Seraphine and allies, a key support strength.)
  • Bonus Movement Speed: Decreased from 20% (+4% AP) to 20% (+2% AP).
  • Cooldown: Reduced from 28-16 seconds (based on level) to 22-18 seconds (based on level). (Impact: Lower cooldown allows for more frequent shield application, a major buff for support play.)

Beat Drop (E)

  • Base Damage: Increased from 60-200 (based on level) + 35% AP to 70-190 (based on level) + 50% AP. (Impact: Slightly more damage output, but the focus remains on crowd control.)
  • CC Duration: Changed from a flat 1.25 seconds to 1.1-1.5 seconds (scaling with level). (Impact: Improved CC potential at later ranks for stronger peeling.)
  • Minion Damage: Reduced from 100% to 70%. (Impact: Weaker wave clear, similar to the nerf on Q.)
  • Cooldown: Adjusted from a flat 10 seconds to 11-9 seconds (based on level). (Impact: Slightly longer cooldown at early ranks but shorter cooldown at later ranks, which can come in handy in team fights.)

Encore (R):

  • Damage Scaling: Reduced from 60% AP to 40% AP. (Impact: Lower damage output on her ultimate, a nerf to her carry potential.)
  • Cooldown: Adjusted from 160-100 seconds (based on level) to 160-120 seconds (based on level). (Impact: Slightly shorter cooldowns at later ranks, prioritizing support over raw damage.)

The community seems divided on these major adjustments. Some Seraphine players, particularly those who enjoyed her bot lane carry style, see these changes as a nerf. The reduced wave clear and damage output make it harder to function independently.

However, many others see this as a positive shift. The mana regen buff, lower cooldowns on W and E, and improved crowd control solidify her support role. This allows her to focus on empowering allies with shields and peels, making her a more well-rounded support champion.

Overall, Patch 14.5 is a significant rebalancing for Seraphine. While some aspects of her carry potential are diminished, her supportive capabilities receive a clear boost. This might not please everyone, but it opens doors for a more impactful and strategic Seraphine in the support role.

If you want to learn more about patch 14.5, check out our 14.5 rundown, or the official full patch notes on the official LoL website here!

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