How to Roam in League of Legends and Dominate the Game

How to Roam in League of Legends

How to Roam in League of Legends

Roaming in League of Legends is not simply aimless wandering on the map. It is a strategic move that can significantly influence the outcome of the game in your team's favour. This comprehensive how to roam in League of Legends guide aims to provide clarity on effective roaming techniques, whether you intend to support your team or establish dominance over the map.

By the conclusion of this article, you will possess the knowledge and skills required to roam proficiently in League of Legends and make a substantial impact. Additionally, we will delve into the intricacies of roaming as a support player, a pivotal role that can turn the tide of the game.

Prepare yourself to elevate your gameplay and enjoy the journey of improvement.

What is roaming?

Roaming involves departing from your designated lane to support allies in different areas of the map. When done effectively, it becomes a valuable skill that can exert pressure, open up chances for your team, and interfere with the opponent's strategies.

Having a good grasp of roaming in League of Legends is essential for players aiming to influence the game's result.

When should I roam?

Understanding the optimal timing for roaming can have a significant impact. Key opportunities arise when your opponent in the same lane is absent or when you have successfully pushed the wave towards their turret, allowing you to move freely without sacrificing much.

How to Roam in League of Legends
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Roaming in LoL

Additionally, it is advisable to roam when there is a chance to secure important objectives like Dragon or Rift Herald, or when you need to provide assistance to struggling lanes. By roaming to establish or clear vision in the jungle, you can effectively prevent enemy ganks and maintain your team's advantage.

For support players in League of Legends who are learning how to roam, it is crucial to choose moments when your ADC is in a safe position, enabling you to make a meaningful impact elsewhere.

Pre-roaming checklist

Prior to commencing your roaming expedition, guarantee that all aspects are in proper order by adhering to this comprehensive checklist:

  • Assess your lane position: Examine the positioning of your lane. Is it closer to the enemy tower, enabling you to retreat without significant losses? This strategy helps reduce the loss of minions and experience.
  • Evaluate the condition of your teammates' lanes. Are there any lanes that are pushed towards the enemy, creating a favourable chance for a successful gank? Alternatively, is there a teammate who is struggling under their tower and would benefit from your assistance in shifting the momentum?
  • Be aware of the enemy jungler's whereabouts by regularly checking the minimap. Having knowledge of their last known position can help you avoid falling into a trap and turning your roam into a disastrous situation.
  • Evaluate your vision and prioritize safety. Have you placed enough wards to guarantee the security of your roaming path? If there is a deficiency in vision or the possibility of the enemy jungler's presence, it would be wise to postpone your roam until you have a better understanding of the situation.

By adhering to this checklist, you guarantee that you are making well-informed choices regarding the timing and manner of roaming, thereby minimizing risks and maximizing potential benefits.

Choosing your target

Choosing where to roam requires skill and strategy. Seek out opportunities where your presence can make a significant difference. Perhaps there is a lane slightly behind that could benefit from your assistance or an enemy laner who is vulnerable due to lack of vision.

How to Roam in League of Legends
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Mid-lane roaming

Additionally, consider the objectives of the game. Is the Dragon about to spawn? Roaming to the bot lane could provide your team with the advantage needed to secure it.

Alternatively, roaming to the top lane could help secure the Herald. Analyze where you can have the greatest impact and make your move. It is important to remember that roaming in League of Legends is not solely about securing kills, but also about applying pressure where it is most crucial.

Roaming routes and techniques

The route you choose can determine the success or failure of your roam. Utilize the jungle and river strategically, manoeuvring through areas where the enemy is unlikely to have vision.

Occasionally, the shortest path can catch them off guard. Incorporating blast cones and other jungle plants can introduce an element of surprise to your roam.

Additionally, prioritize speed and take the most efficient route to reach your target and return to your lane without sacrificing too much.

The most effective roam is often the one that catches the enemy completely unaware. Keep them guessing, and you'll constantly keep them on edge.

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