Fnatic smash LCS Champions Cloud 9 in First Game of Worlds 2022 Groups

Fnatic Worlds 2022

Fnatic Worlds 2022

Who needs scrims when you can practice in play-ins? Fnatic may have only scraped into the LEC Summer Playoffs but they haven't slowed down since. Worlds Play-Ins wasn't without its hiccups, but Fnatic has learned and evolved, and looks stronger for it.

After steamrolling the LCS Playoffs, Cloud 9 came into today the favourites, but left the losers. Here's the story of how Fnatic was able to neutralise the North American titans.

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FNC Razork - Rookie to Rockstar of the LEC

Razork has been crucial in Fnatic's slow rise to international dominance. Able to make early game plays on Trundle and Sejuani, and carry the team on Graves, this is a man that can do it all when the pressure is at its highest at Worlds.

Razork Worlds 2022
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Playing Maokai this game, Razork was able to dive onto Berzerker's Miss Fortune and make fights unplayable in the early game. Late game, paired with Wunder on Ornn, they lifted the shield wall and held the line, both completely unkillable as the carries dished out damage.

The Humanoid Show, Episode ???

Committing double teleport to mid at 18 minutes, Fnatic brought the fight to Cloud 9 at Worlds 2022. Scaling was far on their side, but they didn't fancy the wait, and huge AoE Ultimates ripped C9 apart before Humanoid slid into the back line and scooped up another kill.

Wunder Worlds 2022
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With 240 cs at 21 minutes, plus kills to his name, Humanoid was able to output insane damage on the backline. Together with Upset, their scaling was inevitable, and they slowly forced Cloud 9 back until only the nexus stood in their way.

Hylissang on Renata cannot go unmentioned, as the int train has firmly come to a halt, and his mechanics are unlocked. With the Handshake he was able to flawlessly catch out anyone diving at Fnatic's back line, and layer the Hostile Takeover over fights to seal the deal.

If Fnatic can maintain temp, they are in with a shot of making it out of the group of death, but they still have a mountain to climb at Worlds 2022.

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