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Humanoid Perfectly Executes BYG, Secures Fnatic Top 2 in Group A at Worlds Play-Ins

FNC win vs BYG

Worlds 2022 is well underway, and we are now on the final day of Play-In Groups. Everything is on the line for these teams, as one loss too many will send them home early.

Fnatic may have had a choppy start to this years World Championships, but the European representatives are showing some World Class League of Legends.

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Hylissang has called to a halt the int train

With only two deaths this game, fans of Hylissang will know that today was a rare occasion. His exploits may be a meme now, but there's no doubt that when Hyli is on point Fnatic looks a head above the competition.

Hylissang FNC
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Upset and Wunder both opted for comfort in the draft today, and the results paid dividends. Upset on the Aphelios hypercarry is a terrifying late game threat, with Hylissang's peel to keep the wolves from his door.

Wunder's World famous Gragas was able to accrue a sizeable cs lead in a tough matchup, and output damage that BYG never saw coming from the tank.

The Humanoid Show

An early 1v1 between the mid-laners set the stage for this game. Slicing and dicing and dashing throughout the lane, Minji got the early advantage, but late game Humanoid is inevitable.

Paired with Razork's damage on the Graves, BYG was unable to keep up in the mid-game. In fight after fight, Humanoid was able to create havoc for Fnatic and was almost untouchable.

FNC Humanoid
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Finishing 11/2/3, Humanoid is a terrifying prospect for any team coming into the Worlds 2022 main event.

Fnatic's fate now lies in the hands of EG vs DFM later today. If EG takes the win, they face a tiebreaker for the first place spot, and the chance to advance straight to Groups. If DFM win, groups is secured for the European third seed.

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