Fnatic Demolished by LOUD in their First Loss of Worlds 2022

LOUD Worlds 2022

LOUD Worlds 2022

Worlds 2022 is now well under way, with lower seeded teams fighting through the Play-In Stage for a shot at the main event. Worlds is even more stacked than usual though, and lots of big names have found themselves in Play-Ins.

Fnatic has been undefeated thus far, one of only two teams, besides DRX to do so. Although LOUD's victory is no doubt an upset, this is what many fans expected from the Brazillian team.

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It began in the bot lane, and ended at the Nexus

Brance was brave enough to call out Fnatic's bit lane, and it absolutely paid off. Holding up his arm on the player cams to see the worlds 'bot gap', he has truly made a statement.

Brance lol
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An early fight in the river gave him the resources he needed, and LOUD was able to snowball from there. The Amumu and Miss Fortune combo is one they have consistently prioritised, and today we saw why.

LOUD was one step ahead of Fnatic

It wasn't just the bot lane that went right for LOUD. A fight around the second rift herald netted two kills for Robo on the Aatrox, and left Wunder far behind. The Fiora looked like little more than a minion against the might of the Darkin.

Fnatic lol
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Upset did his best to keep up, hitting 20 minutes largely even with 2 kills of his own, but the supporting cast was missing. Fnatic seemed to be on different pages throughout the game.

Once mid-game arrived, where Fnatic normally excels, they simply never came to fruition. LOUD was able to take a baron and three dragons with no answer, breaking Fnatic's base at 24 minutes and finishing shortly after.

Fnatic will have to do some serious draft revision and soul searching coming into day 4. Ego picks and sloppy macro will not fly when the stakes are this high.

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