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Fnatic Substitute Rhuckz Steps Up on Day 1 of Worlds 2022 Play-Ins

Rhuckz Worlds 2022

Rhuckz was not a name most LEC fans expected to see on tuning into the Worlds 2022 Play-Ins stage. Normally the support for Fnatic TQ, the organisation's academy team, he was called up as a temporary substitute for Worlds.

Despite the last minute roster change though, Fnatic put on quite the show on Day One. Now leading Group A 2-0, and beating NA rivals Evil Geniuses, many are asking if Rhuckz will stick around.

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Rhuckz replaces Hylissang Last Minute

Fnatic seems doomed to never start Worlds with a full roster. Last year, Upset had to step down due to personal issues, and this year, he and Hylissang contracted covid days before Worlds.

Bean was called on once again to stand in for Upset, and Rhuckz for Hylissang. Upset fortunately was able to make it at the last minute, but his support was not so lucky, so Rhuckz stepped up.

While Rhuckz could no doubt have played an enchanter and sat back, he opted for a different approach. In two performances Hyli will no doubt be proud of, Rhuckz picked engage supports and led the charge for Fnatic.

A two-man Solar Flare against Evil Geniuses in the mid-game secured Fnatic the baron and then the game, and his Nautilus in game two of the day was no less impressive.

On the Organisation's historic 10th appearance at the World Championships, Rhuckz seems to have been the distraction they needed to overcome their day one nerves and start strong.

When is Hylissang back?

Fortunately for Fnatic fans, everyone's favourite psychopath support will be returning to the team for tonight's game against Detonation FocusMe. Rhuckz will likely be sticking around as a sub, but we expect Hylissang to take it from here.

With two (perhaps slightly biased) MVP awards in two games however, Rhuckz has certainly made his mark on the team. His performance will be a fantastic inspiration for Fnatic and the rest of the LEC to give their all at Worlds 2022.

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