What time do Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges reset?

Ever since the Halo Infinite multiplayer shadow dropped a few weeks before the official launch, players have been enamoured. With great gameplay and some interesting new maps, there are so many reasons to come back. If you play it a lot, here's what you should know about the Battle Pass and when Halo Infinite's weekly challenges reset.

Latest - What time do the Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges Reset?

The time hasn't changed, the Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges reset every Tuesday at 12pm ET/5pm GMT, giving you a week to get them all done in time. Alongside this, there are also daily challenges to keep you earning new tiers in the battle pass.

It seems likely that these will only increase with time. We could see monthly challenges and much more expansive ways of earning your battle pass slots.

The team have already received tonnes of criticism for having a pretty poor progression system so it seems likely they will listen to other communities and adapt the game going forward.

Some tips for getting them done

Generally, there's a good order to do your challenges in. It will give a couple of actions it wants and then a few game modes to beat. Always start trying to complete the game mode challenges and hoping you complete others.

As well as this, try and get them done early in the week so you don't accidentally miss out on them.

Is the Premium Battle Pass worth it?

The way the Battle Pass works is every couple of tiers is free. If you want everything there is on show, you will have to buy the premium pass. As well as this, it gives you an extra challenge every week.

This means that, if you play Halo Infinite a lot and want everything you can get, you will need the Battle Pass. If you aren't too bothered about the aesthetics, it won't offer anything that worthwhile for you.

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