Halo Infinite Week 3 Challenges: Release Time & How to Complete Them

Having released three weeks early, we've got more time to grind the battle pass for Halo Infinite Season 1. Each week, a new set of challenges are released to try and get some extra XP. If you're excited for the upcoming week, we've got everything you need to know about the Halo Infinite Week 3 Challenges.

Halo Infinite Week 3 Challenges Release Time

As they do every week, the Halo Infinite weekly challenges reset at 12pm ET/5pm GMT on Tuesday.

Therefore, you'll be able to start working on the Halo Infinite Week 3 Challenges from 12pm ET/5pm GMT on November 30.

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While they're not live yet, we'll add them in here as soon as they are, as well as some tips on how to complete them.

Over the last few weeks, the challenges haven't been very difficult, asking you to do little more than complete matches and kill other players. Most of them will be completed by playing normally. We'd expect them to be pretty similar for Week 3.

Week 2 Challenges

If you're wondering what the challenges might be like, you can check out the Halo Infinite Week 2 Challenges below. If you've not finished them all yet, you need to get to it as you only have a few hours left to do so.

  • Clouds of Attachment - Earn Assists in Fiesta Matches (10) - 300 XP
  • Castle Crasher - Complete a Strongholds Match (1) - 200 XP
  • It Bears Repeating - Kill Enemy Spartans with the Pulse Carbine in PvP (3) - 250 XP
  • Autumn Wind of Eve - Complete Fiesta Matches (2) 300 XP

The new challenges won't feature the themed Fiesta mode, which ties into the Fracture: Tenrai event that's running at the moment.

Again, check back with us later on for what the Halo Infinite Week 3 Challenges are.

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