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LATEST Halo Infinite Campaign Release Time COUNTDOWN: Worldwide Launch right now, Download Size & Preload Details

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Halo Infinite is the long awaited follow up to the dissapointing Halo 5. After a successful multiplayer launch, the campaign is finally here. This is what you should know as it installs.

Latest - Halo Live Now

It's finally time to get out there Spartan, Halo Infinite campaign has dropped worldwide.

This campaign is pretty huge, in comparison to prevous Halo titles and may take you some time. Make sure to fully explore the world and find all those secrets.

Worldwide Halo Infinite Campaign Release Time

There is no option to preload the campaign, but it has been confirmed by Xbox that the Halo Infinite campaign will release at 1:01pm ET / 6:01pm GMT on Wednesday, December 8.


343 has also released an image that explains release times for every region in the world. Check it out below:

halo infinite, release time
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Whether you're playing for free via Xbox Game Pass or have purchased the full game, that time should is correct.

Our Halo Infinite Campaign Review

With just 24 hours or so until release, our Halo Infinite review is now live and you can see our full thoughts here.

Here's a brief overview of our impressions, however.

You're probably still struggling to put the multiplayer down since its release a few weeks ago, but it's worth stepping away to play Halo Infinite's campaign.
Even though the redundant open world aspect means it isn't quite the step forward for the series we expected, the story of three heroes on a mission is emotional and engaging and the gameplay is at its absolute all-time best.

Download Size

As for how big the game is, Halo Infinite's download size will be bigger than the preload, which is around 25GB.

halo infinite
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The full Halo Infinite campaign file comes in at 48.4 GB on Xbox Series X. As soon as we know the PC size, we'll confirm it, but we expect it to be about the same.

How Long Halo Infinite's Campaign Takes to Beat

If you're looking to jump into the game, you're probably wondering how long the campaign is.

For an average player, playing on Normal mode and exploring just some of the open world content, Halo Infinite's campaign should take about 10 hours to beat.

Rush thought the story though, and it could take around 8 hours. Of course, if you're looking to 100% the world or play on a harder difficulty, Halo Infinite's campaign could take up to 20 hours, or maybe even more.

If you go onto the Load Game section from the Campaign menu, you can check exactly how long your playtime has been so far.

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