How To Get a Killing Spree in Halo infinite & How Many Kills It Is

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Releasing early, Halo Infinite's multiplayer is live now and it has a lot of features long term series fans will love. The killstreak callouts and commentary are brilliant to hear, with Killing Spree being one of the main ones you'll hear... hopefully.

If you're trying to complete the challenge that asks you to get a Killing Spree, you'll want to know exactly what you'll need to do, since the game doesn't specify. Thankfully, it's not very difficult.

How Many Kills Is a Killing Spree in Halo infinite?


To get a Killing Spree in Halo Infinite, all you need to do is get five kills without dying. Do that and you should hear the announcer say it in his iconic deep growl.

Therefore, a Killing Spree in Halo Infinite is five kills.

There are other things you may hear the announcer shout that are to do with getting kill streaks. They are:

  • Killing Spree: Get 5 Kills without dying
  • Killing Frenzy: Get 10 Kills without dying
  • Running Riot: Get 15 Kills without dying
  • Rampage: Get 20 Kills without dying
  • Nightmare: Get 25 Kills without dying
  • Boogeyman: Get 30 Kills without dying
  • Grim Reaper: Get 35 Kills without dying
  • Demon: Get 40 Kills without dying

That's all there is to it. Get five kills without dying and you'll be on your way to completing the Halo Infinite challenge.

While this challenge won't be live for long, but we'd be shocked if it doesn't roll around again as part of another week's challenges. As soon as it is live again, we'll let you know, but you can also keep it in mind for the next time so that you know what to do immediately.

Thankfully, Halo Infinite's challenges tend to be pretty simple, even during the Fracture: Tenrai that's going on.