Halo Infinite Campaign: Everything we know from the latest Live Stream

We've had a successful Technical Preview for Halo Infinite's multiplayer and it looks like the campaign mode is going to be the blockbuster experience we all expect from 343 Industries. The errors of Craig the Brute are no more - Halo Infinite's campaign looks great and here's everything we learnt during the Live Stream from Xbox...

LATEST - Everything we learnt during the Live Stream

There's a new AI - codenamed The Weapon - that's going to help Master Chief take the fight back to the Banished in search of what happened to Cortana. This is going to be the main "question" of Halo Infinite's story, but far from the only thing that you will need to do.

Zeta Halo is a damaged, but open world, that will be the setting for Halo Infinite's campaign. The Banished will be hunting Master Chief and the remnants of the UNSC throughout the story - it's your job to take them out, too.

Halo Infinite Campaign Live stream
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THE WEAPON - Cortana has left huge boots to fill

This is easily going to be the most open Halo Infinite campaign to date. There's a huge range of weapons, vehicles, open-ended environments and abilities at your disposal and a selection of new and returning enemies to tackle. Master Chief can upgrade his equipment too, making him an evolving threat the Banished will have to tackle.

You're going to be put to the ultimate test - but "when there is courage, there is hope". This is the new era of Halo. You can play Halo Infinite Day One with Game Pass - on December 8th!

When does the Halo Infinite Campaign stream start?

343 Industries' new live stream is set to begin in a handful of hours - you can check it out on YouTube and Xbox social media channels at the following times:

  • 06:00 October 25th PST
  • 11:00 October 25th EST
  • 14:00 October 25th BST

If you're looking for a place to watch it, you can actually tune into the YouTube Premiere below - this should include a countdown to the big reveal, too!

Master Chief is easily the most iconic Xbox mascot out there - we can't wait to see him in action again.

What should we expect from the live stream?

It's hard to say exactly what to expect from the new Halo Infinite Campaign live stream later today - we could get an updated replay of the previous footage, or something completely new.

We're under the impression that the footage we'll see will be a mix of new and old - we think 343 Industries best chance at showing improvement and avoiding further spoilers would be to replay a section of combat from the first footage - showing us Craig's new face along the way - and then something exciting to finish it off.

At the moment, we really don't know too much about the story behind Halo Infinite's Campaign - this would be the perfect time to throw a few teasers our way without spoiling anything too important.

Either way, we'll find out what Master Chief is up to soon - maybe the Flood will make a comeback, too.

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