There's a new Prize Ride available in GTA Online; Here's how to unlock it

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It's time for another Prize Ride Challenge to hit GTA Online - this week is a bit different to last week though. The Prize Ride is actually going to be the newest car to be added to GTA Online. That means the Prize Ride Challenge itself is a little harder than usual - Here's everything you need to know.

NEW Prize Ride Challenge Details (September 2nd)

This week, you're looking at the Ubermacht Cypher as your new Prize Ride Challenge car - which can be found in the LS Car Meet. This is the newest car to join GTA Online too, so it's unusual to find it as the Prize Ride too. Still, that just means the challenge is a little harder than most weeks.

If you want to unlock the Prize Ride this week, you need to complete the following challenge:

" Place first in 5 Street Races..."

The Ubermacht Cypher can be bought from Legendary Motorsport for GTA$ 1,550,00 at full price - or, you can get it at a discount with the right Trade Price permissions for GTA$ 1,162,500.

The latest Prize Ride Challenge is available! (August 26th)

This week, you can get your hands on another free GTA Online car through the Prize Ride Challenge in the LS Car Meet - The Annis Euros is up for grabs this time around. It might not be the fastest car we've seen, but it's a fantastic little run-around and worth your time if you're looking for a new sports car.

In order to unlock this Prize Ride all you need to do is complete the following challenge over the next week:

" Place top 2 in a Pursuit Series race for 4 days in a row..."

You'll be able to find this Race Series on the GTA Online map - or through the Organiser in the LS Car Meet - and you should be able to jump into one fairly quickly. The Annis Euros is worth GTA$ 1,800,00 at full price and GTA$ 1,350,000 at Trade Price.

This week's Prize Ride is here! (August 19th)

If you want to get your hands on another free car in GTA Online, we have exactly what you need to know. This week, the LS Car Meet is offering up the Vapid Dominator GTT as this week's Prize Ride Challenge car. It's not the fastest, but it's one of the best looking muscle cars in-game at the moment.

In order to finish this Prize Ride Challenge and unlock the Prize Ride - the Vapid Dominator GTT - all you need to do is "place top 5 in 10 LS Car Meet Series races". This isn't going to be too hard and you can find this race series in the Interaction Menu. The Vapid Dominator GTT would cost you GTA$ 1,220,000 fully-priced or GTA$ 915,000 at Trade Price. You can buy it from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

What's the Prize Ride this week? (August 12)

Looking for another free car in GTA Online? This week, the LS Car Meet's Prize Ride Challenge is offering up the Karin Futo GTX. It's not the fastest car out there, but it isn't a bad little run-around in any respect.

All you need to do is "Win 3 Sprint Races for 4 days in a row". That might sound like a lot of racing, but Sprint Races last a couple of minutes at best. If you want to know if it's worth it, the Karin Futo GTX is going to cost you GTA$ 1,718,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. You can also get it at a Trade Price of GTA$ 1,192,500 if you have unlocked it.

What's the Prize Ride for this week (August 5)

Looking for another free car? This week, the LS Car Meet's Prize Ride is the Annis ZR350! This is a car that was seen for the first time way back in GTA San Andreas! It's a nifty Sports Car with decent speed and acceleration, however, it lacks in traction and turning. It's a fun drive but will make racing a little challenging. You can check out what it looks like below.

GTA Online Prize Ride Challenge Unlock
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TWO DOOR SPEEDSTER - It's fast, but that comes at a cost

This car is going to set you back GTA$ 1,615,000 from Legendary Motorsport. If you have the right Trade Price unlocked, you can purchase it for the slightly lower price of GTA$ 1,211,250. There is a way to get it for free, though...

How do you unlock this Prize Ride? (August 5)

If you still want to unlock this week's Prize Ride via the Prize Ride Challenge, all you need to do is finish in the top 4 of 5 Pursuit Series races this week.

If you want to compete in a Pursuit Series race you're going to need a non-weaponised vehicle in your garage and selected before you head to the LS Car Meet. We have a helpful list of the fastest cars in GTA Online after the Los Santos Tuners update, here.

Once inside, you'll need to head to the Organizer and start the matchmaking process for a Pursuit Series race. You can also find them scattered about Los Santos by using the GTA Online map to search through the relevant icons.

A Pursuit Series race is similar to the Street Race Series expect you're also being chased by LSPD Squad Cars. There's no set route, just checkpoints you'll need to hit as you go. This makes it a much more exciting way to race.

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