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How to unlock the Prize Ride in GTA Online's new LS Car Meet social space

If you want to get your hands on one of the new cars added to GTA Online in the Los Santos Tuners update, we've got everything you need to know about how you can unlock the Prize Ride. This is a challenge-based unlock that rotates weekly. This time around, the brand-new Annis Remus is up for grabs!

How To Find The Prize Ride Challenges

First things first, you need to head into the LS Car Meet. If you don't know where this is, you can find it in Cypress Flats in Los Santos' city centre. If you toggle your map icons, you should be able to spot the "LS" icon easily.

GTA Online Los Santos Tuners LS Car Meet
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RIGHT WHERE IT SHOULD BE - The LS Car Meet is-indeed in Cypress Flats on the East side of the city

Following this, you should be able to find the Prize Ride Challenges in the Interaction Menu. The LS Car Meet's specific Interaction Menu options will activate as soon as you're inside.

GTA Online Unlock Prize Ride LS Car Meet
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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW - You can find it right there on the Interaction Menu

It's worth noting that you'll need to purchase an LS Car Meet Membership to access these Prize Ride Challenges and the Prize Ride itself. This will cost you GTA$ 50,000 and you can purchase it through Mimi or at the same time as your first Auto Shop purchase following the discovery of the LS Car Meet for the first time.


How To Unlock The Prize Ride

Sadly, there's no way to completely predict this. At the moment, it looks like the current Prize Ride Challenge is the following:

" Street Race Series: Place top 3 for 3 days in a row"
GTA Online Unlock Prize Ride
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WHAT YOU NEED TO DO - This is subject to change

There's no word on whether this is a universal challenge though. Other players might have different objectives to complete in order to unlock this week's Prize Ride. Even if they are the same, the challenge objective will most likely change when the Prize Ride changes in a week.

There is no way to fully predict what this might be, but this week's Prize Ride Challenge should be a great example of the sort of challenge to expect going forwards. The Los Santos Tuners update is a lot deeper than we all thought, huh.

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