Looking for a deal? Here's how to get Los Santos Tuners cars at trade price

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There are a lot of new cars in GTA Online, following the Los Santos Tuners update, and there's a way you can get them at a discount. If you want to unlock the trade prices for the new GTA Online cars, you'll need to get your hands on an LS Car Meet Membership and continue reading below...

How To Save Money And Get Trade Price

At the moment, there is only one way to get trade price in GTA Online for the new Los Santos Tuners update's cars. All you need to do is level up your LS Car Meet Reputation rank.

Every 5 ranks, you should unlock a random trade price discount for a car from the Los Santos Tuners update. There isn't any way to tell or influence this, so if you have a particular car in mind you might just have to get lucky.


In addition to this, when you purchase the LS Car Meet Membership you'll unlock the trade price for the Annis Euros and when you finish the Auto Shop set-up mission, you'll unlock the trade price for the Tailgater S.

Tips On Getting LS Car Meet Rep

Arguably, one of the best ways to get LS Car Meet Rep is just to be inside the Car Meet. You earn Rep automatically inside. So, if you're waiting for someone or just looking for a place to hang... You might as well get some Rep while you do it.

Other than this, you can compete in Sprints and Street Race Series to accrue more substantial amounts of LS Car Meet Rep. It is also awarded for driving around in the Test Track with a Test Ride.

GTA Online Get Trade Price LS Car Meet
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TALK TO HER - If you want an LS Car Meet Membership, she's who you need to speak to

Essentially, there isn't one specific way to get LS Car Meet Rep and unlock a specific trade price in GTA Online. If you complete any activity relating to the Los Santos Tuners update and the LS Car Meet itself, you should earn LS Car Meet Rep provided you have bought your LS Car Meet Membership.

This will set you back $50,000, but it is worth it. You get access to a lot more than just trade prices.

Featured Image Credit: GTAForums