GTA 6: Animations Found In RDR2 Files

Although it hasn't even been officially announced yet, it is extremely likely that Grand Theft Auto 6 has been in development for some time.

And there may evidence of that found in another Rockstar game.

GTA 6 Animations Found In RDR2

rollschuh2282, a member of the GTA Forums, has discovered parachuting animations in the in-game files for Red Dead Redemption 2, despite the game not having a parachuting mechanic.

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On a GTA 6 speculation thread, the user revealed some animations found in RDR2.

"well...thought i post the code snippet i found of most likely GTA 6 in the RDR2.exe
there is a mention in it of a parachuting file that does not exist in V or the gta5.exe either, so it isn´t a leftover and most likely a parachuting file from GTA 6."

The animations in question are,

  • skydive@parachute@pack
  • Chute_Off
  • Chute_Off_Bag

rollschuh2282 continued saying,

"funnily that "pack" animation file does not exist in V.
and is not even listed in the GTA5.exe
these are all of Vs parachute animations.
as you can see the naming fits, but the "pack" one doesn´t exist"

GTA 6 Parachute Animations RDR2
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LEAK?: Parachuting animations have been found in the RDR2 files.

Parachuting is a mechanic that has been in GTA games for many years, but isn't in Red Dead Redemption 2.

This could mean that these are GTA files, or it is an unused mechanic in RDR2.

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There isn't really any way to verify which game they were intended for, so for now it just remains another mystery as we wait for an official GTA 6 announcement.

The GTA 6 rumour mill has been spinning a lot faster over recent weeks, with many rumours and "leaks" being revealed.

Could we be getting closer an official announcement from Rockstar?

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