*SPONSORED* GRID 2019: Customise any car and race your own way

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Motorsport games have rarely let you go completely wild with customisation.

So much effort goes into creating a realistic and reliable handling model and stunning graphics that the ability to play with colours, liveries, and helmets is mostly forgotten about.

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Some more recent games like Wreckfest have opened up a little and allowed users to express themselves a little more, and even F1 2019 introduced better depth of helmet customisation as well as suit, glove, and car livery options for multiplayer.

However, these all pale in comparison to what GRID has to offer…

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Express yourself on the track

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YOUR WAY: GRID lets you style every car with fresh colours and liveries

Not only does GRID boast a wide range of 60+ cars and 80+
routes to race on, it has an insane number of livery and colour options for
each car.

Each stock livery is gorgeous in its own right, and there
are some classics like the Volvo 850 estate that you probably don’t want to
mess with. But if you do want to play around with how your car looks then
Codemasters have pushed the boat out for you.

There are 380 colour shades to pick from, and each livery has 4 colour slots to pick from, making the combinations astronomical.

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Meanwhile, the liveries provide endless bases to paint on.
You can pick from the Motorsport, Heritage, Custom, Tuner, Urban, Prestige, and
Art categories, all of which start with a handful of unlocked liveries and then
dozens to unlock as your career progresses. You can also take the sponsors off
to clean up your look a little.

Show off your success

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CELEBRATE: Show your accolades to the world

Racing categories are famous for handing out trophies at every race. Just stop and think how odd that is for a moment. Barcelona don’t get a trophy for winning a league game, but Lewis Hamilton wins the third race of a 21-race season and he gets another trophy to add to the wall.

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Well GRID not only gives you a trophy of sorts, but it gives
you a place to show them off too. The player profile is a remarkable addition
to the racing genre, with a banner you can change up, a panel image, and the
accolades section.

As ever you start with a few banners and panels and can then
unlock a whole raft of new ones, but the accolades is the real triumph here.

There are a handful of layout options, but there are 205 accolades to unlock and display on your player profile.

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PANEL CHOICE: Which one do you want?

These vary from winning your first career mode race to
drifting for a combined 10,000 metres or drafting for a total of 30 minutes.

All of these options don’t sound like much, but once you
jump into a race it immediately brings a depth to the pre-race grid flyover as
each AI driver has their own banner and accolades on display, and when you hit
the online races and see everyone elses the need to make your own stand out
will hit like a ton of bricks.

Racing games rarely focus on the individual triumphs of the user, but GRID lets you revel in your success, show off the results of your hard work, and most importantly, it allows you to stand out from the crowd. GRID is truly a player-first game.

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