Wreckfest: A beautiful world of chaos awaits

Deal damage and drive hard as banger racing comes to life in Wreckfest.

It is easy to get precious about racing games. To demand simulation-levels of detail to the cars, the driving physics, and endless setup options before you hit the great race tracks of the world.

However, you can go totally the other way and still come up with a superb game that is engaging and entertaining.

Welcome to Wreckfest.

Banger racing brought to life

Wreckfest, a new offering from Bugbear Entertainment & THQNordic, puts you behind the wheel of beaten up saloon cars and the occasional bus or lawnmower to enter the world of banger racing, where the objective is simply to create chaos and win races.

If you want a spectacular, crash-filled time then this game is the one for you. It combines just enough realism to feel the road during races with car customisation and utter destruction to create a game that sucks you in and keeps you playing.

Wreckfest is a spiritual successor to Bugbear’s FlatOut series in which your ability to damage and spin out your opponents is just as important as your actual driving skill.

The lack of rules, from contact to corner-cutting, is a refreshing change from the ultra-realism of F1 2019. Meanwhile, the flying body work and occasional roll don’t put you out of the race.

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The chaos could be frustrating if it didn’t have a quality damage simulator that chips away at the balance and feel of your car, which starts off superbly thanks to a wonderful handling model. You can take the races extremely seriously, trying to find the perfect line through the corners, or you can use your opponents as a means of slowing down and getting through the lap.

The AI are surprisingly good and their aggressiveness creates pile-ups, awkward taps mid-corner, and most importantly a race experience that challenges you.

The demolition derbies, efforts to simply survive and cripple others, have a little strategy in them but are mostly fun-filled chaotic intermissions between races.

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