Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy: How do they compare?

Tower of Fantasy, Tencent's new Open World RPG game, is finally ready for a global release after its initial launch in China.

While things started slow, the developers have responded to the game's criticism and have prepped it for the next step.

With this global release comes the natural comparison between Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact, the current king of the genre.

With that, let's break down Tower of Fantasy vs Genshin Impact across their gameplay, characters, settings, and plenty more.


Genshin Impact is driven by compelling storytelling, introducing new characters through their different home regions and political affiliations to eventually form teams.

Even though the main character is the Traveler, the game's primary goal is to collect and level up as many different characters as possible.

Tower of Fantasy takes a more traditional approach for MMORPGs by allowing players full character customization.

Characters are tweaked by adjusting cosmetics and weapons rather than swapping between different static characters.

Keqing custom character in Tower of Fantasy
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Credit: Meryl
KEQING in Tower of Fantasy: Player customization is very powerful in the Tencent Game

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A critical aspect of both games is the various weapons they offer, each with a different playstyle and strengths.

Genshin Cryo Girls
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Genshin Cryo Girls. The character design in Genshin is very diverse.

Genshin Impact features the following weapon types: Polearm, Catalyst, Claymore, Sword, and Bow.

Each character can use only one type of weapon, and it acts as a subclass that you can't change.

Tower of Fantasy features a little more diversity, including the following weapons: Greatsword, Daggers, Shield/Axe, Spear, Scythe, Hammer, Bow, Gun, Cube, Scepter, and Chakram.

In Tower of Fantasy, characters can use any weapon and adjust between three at a time.

Rather than static characters and class identity, Tower of Fantasy's customization comes from this weapon system.


Both games require a playstyle of constant changes during battle. However, each game accomplishes this in a very different way.

Genshin Impact features more team-based character combat, where players switch between team members to create powerful elemental reactions.

Tower of Fantasy is more focused on weapons, where one character can switch between three types of weapons - offering roles for Damage Dealing, Shield Shattering, and Buff/Healing.

World Exploration and Lore

In this aspect, GenshinIn Impact and Tower of Fantasy have many similarities and many differences.

Genshin Impact locations scenery
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SCENERY: Genshin Impact is a beautiful mix of cityscapes and wilderness that varies wildly by region

One of the biggest reasons for Genshin Impact's success is the combination of spectacular landscapes and one of the best soundtracks in game history.

Tower of Fantasy is working toward a similar level of strength in these areas, though in the end, the setting is much more comparable to a different miHoYo title.

Tower of Fantasy vs. Genshin Impact

Even though people try to compare the look and feel of the games, the settings are drastically different, which creates more differences than similarities in the end.

In reality, both games are modeled to many similar World Open RPG - Gacha games in the Chinese market. And while both go for environmental wonder, it manifests in drastically different ways.

Tower of Fantasy and Honkai Impact

In the end, Tower of Fantasy seems to better emulate another miHoYo title, Honkai Impact.

This is because both games are part of a post-apocalyptic future, and also bring a focus on PVP competition where Genshin Impact is entirely PVE gameplay.

Another area Tower of Fantasy best emulates Honkai Impact is its technology, with vehicles and more advanced weaponry.

In contrast, Genshin Impact portrays an ancient world, where alchemy and magic are far more important than technology.


Elements in both games not only produce reactions against enemies but are also necessary for world exploration and world-building.

In Genshin Impact, there are currently seven different Elements, Anemo, Dendro, Pyro, Cryo, Electro, Hydro, and Geo. This diversity and its presence in gameplay solidifies Genshin Impact as a more elemental and character-focused experience.

Each character has the vision to control one element. The combination of elemental attacks produces strong reactions, and foes have varying resistances to the elements as well.

In Tower of Fantasy, weapons harness the few elements in the game: Physical, Fire, Ice, and Lightning, though things focus much more on the weapon elements than their corresponding elements.


The biggest challenge for Tower of Fantasy is being very careful with the monetization aspect.

Genshin Impact's gacha mechanics are very expensive, but players do not need any investment to clear the game in the end. It is entirely F2P for those willing to put in the work.

Inversely Tower of Fantasy has some criticism as offer Pay to Win aspects in terms of PVP advantages.

To keep the game competitive in the sphere, the gacha aspects will need to remain balanced, and F2P players must not be punished for electing not to spend money and instead looking to grind the same advantages themselves.

Is Tower of Fantasy the Genshin Impact Killer?

After breaking the game's differences down, will Tower of Fantasy replace Genshin Impact? We think not, though the timing for the Tencent title is perfect to give it the chance to compete.

The Genshin Impact community is reaching a point where veteran players are losing interest. The new pieces of content are cleared in a matter of days, and despite the millions of daily players, the game has some levels of stagnation.

Tower of Fantasy will be a new and fresh view to a genre that is very popular right now, and they can establish themselves as the most important competition for Genshin Impact worldwide with the right moves heading toward its global release.

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