Genshin Impact Version 1.1: New features hinted at in Developers Q&A

Genshin Impact is taking the gaming world by storm, with the game now omnipresent across YouTube and Twitch.

In a recent ‘Developer’s Discussion’, the developers of the game noted that they’d received a ‘treasure trove’ of feedback.

With this in mind, they have started work on what will be the latest version of the game, version 1.1.

Let’s take a look at what the developers hinted at in these discussions now!

Resin Changes

One problem players face at the moment is that they often find themselves running out of Original Resin.

Developers say they have addressed this in two ways.

genshin impact resin
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CHANGES TO RESIN: Version 1.1 will see a number of new Resin changes

One method used to address this is by reducing the Original Resin requirement in Battle Pass Weekly Missions to 1,200.

The other is that Travelers will now be able to hold up to 160 Original Resin, up form 120.

Teleport Waypoints

Another feature soon coming to the game are teleport waypoints.

Specifically, the developers mentioned that they will be adding an item that will enable this in the game for players.

genshin impact update 1 1 map
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WAYPOINTS: A new item will be added enabling fast travel

It remains to be seen how this work, but we’re excited to not have to spend long amounts of time travelling from area to area!

Version 1.1 patch notes revealed

We have already seen some leaked patch notes here at realsport.

Some big changes are coming to the game, including 5 new 5-star weapons for players to unlock, and one of each type.

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There will also be a number of new characters and banners for players to use!

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