Genshin Impact Resin: Changes, Refresh Rate & more from miHoYo Q&A

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Genshin Impact is a marvellous action RPG with a whole world to explore and quests to take on.

One of the defining factor for how many Bosses you can take on is Resin.

Resin also impacts things like Battle Pass Weekly Missions, so having some is important.


If you aren't sure how to manage your Resin, or are looking for tips on replenishing it then check out our guide!

In a Developers Discussion on the official site, miHoYo addressed some player feedback about Resin.

Genshin Impact Resin changes

We know that Version 1.1 is coming in November, and the patch notes have already been partially leaked.

While they made some reference to condensed Resin, miHoYo dropped some more info about it in their Q&A.

genshin impact resin
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BIGGER POCKETS: miHoYo is giving you the ability to store more Resin

In Version 1.1, Travelers will be able to store 160 Original Resin, boosted from the current 120 maximum capacity.

This should help access more parts of the game when you hop in.

The new version will also decrease the Original Resin requirement in Battle Pass Weekly Missions from 1,600 to 1,200. That's a nice little 25% cut that will really help!

Version 1.1 release date

The new version of Genshin Impact will arrive on 11 November.

genshin impact klee 1
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KLEE: This five-star pyro is a terrific character to get!

There's no clear time of day, but given that Genshin has done recent server maintenance at the small hours on European time, it should go active in the middle of the night for players in the UK.

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