Genshin Impact Card Generator Lets Players Show Off Their Team

When it comes to Genshin Impact, players love their team compositions almost as much as they do individual characters.

A new 3rd-party tool has hit the scene that allows players to create a player card using different designs to showcase the characters they use the most.

With options to create a simple card or one with multiplayer info, it has never been easier to share the love of Genshin Impact with others.

Genshin Impact Card Generator

Devar-TTY's Multiplayer Card
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MULTIPLAYER: Character cards can display multiplayer information and Twitter details

The Genshin Impact Card Generator is a simple tool that only requires players to input a few details to create a beautifully illustrated snapshot of their Genshin Impact team or even just their favorite characters.

As an additional bonus, players can input their multiplayer details, as well as their Twitter username.

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Where Did It Come From?

Zero's character card
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BEAUTIFUL: Each card is beautifully illustrated with official artwork from Genshin Imacpt

The author of the Genshin Impact Card Generator is Charlotte-91 on GitHub, who freely provides the source code of the web app.

The project was a labor of love, as the author thought it would be a fun way for others to share their team composition and multiplayer information with friends and other players.

Written entirely in Vue.js, the Genshin Impact Card Generator is slick, lightweight, and fully extendable for those with the skill to do so.

What Can I Do With A Card?

The Genshin Impact Card Generator is more of a fun app for players to fool around with, show off their teams, share their multiplayer information, and create awesome-looking Genshin Impact-related content.

All cards are fully exportable as PNG files for use anywhere one can upload images.

The Generator makes a point to let Genshin Impact players know that the app is not endorsed by miHoYo and does not save any user information or data.

Suggestions are welcome via the app's contact page.

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