What is the best Jean build in Genshin Impact?

If this author were to give a comparison as to how playing as Jean feels, it would be the realized version of the “Berserk Healer” title Asuna Yuuki of Sword Art Online holds--only much more refined and controlled, with an added bonus of wind power.

She is the only character in the current roster with the talent that heals herself and the party members whenever doing normal or charged attacks, making her deceptively tanky. Others needed to activate either their Skill or Burst; the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius can simply fight like usual.

Jean also benefits from being a permanent character within the Wish pool, so getting more copies of her to unlock Constellations will be an eventuality. The only caveat to this is that she is a 5-star character, making her appearances very rare.

Her Anemo Vision, alongside excellent crowd control and her capacity to heal and attack simultaneously make her a very flexible option for teams that love being in the heat of battle.

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Jean Best Artifacts

Jean’s healing talent, Wind Companion, is one of her defining traits as a playable character, allowing her to provide support to the team while being what is essentially a third, last resort DPS unit. Combined with her Elemental Burst, Dandelion Breeze, and she can restore the entire team’s health up to half their HP in a single instant.

This hybrid style allows her to be flexible with artifacts, and can go two routes: be a healing support, or be a healing attacker.

Turning the Dandelion Knight into a support character makes full use of Dandelion Breeze turning things into your favor, maximizing the damage and healing it brings. A full 4-set of Noblesse Oblige or Viridescent Venerer will work for her; the former boosting her Burst damage, while the latter amps her overall Anemo and Swirl damage.

For those who want to use her in the frontlines as the healing swordswoman, take a full offense artifact set with you. A complete set of Gladiator’s Finale, or a 2-2 split set alongside Bloodstained Chivalry should increase her attack as much as possible, which in turn increases the healing passive’s potency.

Jean in Genshin Impact
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Jean Best Weapons

Because of how her heals work, Jean can be aggressive and flexible with her sword options. Considering her very good Energy Regen values and her Gale Blade skill having a short cooldown, amping it can help get Dandelion Breeze up immediately.

Skyward Blade provides an attack speed boost, Favonius Sword and Sacrificial Sword boosts the energy gained in orbs, and Festering Desire raises the damage from her Gale Blade skill.

You can also opt for more damage overall since the percentage check of her heal comes from her attack stat.

Primordial Jade Cutter makes her more of a tank with a passive HP increase, Prototype Rancour increases both attack and defense the more she attacks, and both The Flute and Sword of Descension provides occasional area-of-effect damage.

Two swords come into mind as the overall cream of the crop for Jean: The Black Sword, which provides health regen whenever she lands a critical hit, and her signature weapon Aquila Favonia, which provides a regen even without landing a critical.

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Jean Best Teammates

The Acting Grand Master fittingly is flexible in just about any team composition, mainly due to the fact that she can act as a tertiary DPS that can also heal the team whenever needed. To get even more out of her, though, a suggestion is to run Anemo Resonance with her which helps decrease stamina usage and reduces the cooldown on her Gale Blade.

Venti and Sucrose can help each other set up for constant usage of their Bursts, and their crowd control can be chained together when timed right. The Anemo Traveler can be a budget option while either of the two aren’t available yet.

Zhongli and Noelle can provide ample shields with their Skills to keep her safe while she attacks, letting her heal in peace as she goes on the offensive.

Elemental reactions that can be absorbed with Swirl increase the overall damage when built around Jean’s Anemo abilities. For example, Kaeya’s Burst creates ice shards around him for a short period, and Chongyun lets him create a zone turning melee Jean's normal attacks into Cryo damage.

Xinqiu provides both energy recharge and Hydro DPS increase through his Skill and Burst respectively, while Beidou can decrease the damage taken thanks to her own Burst as lightning chains onto enemies.

Bennett deserves a special mention here due to how his own burst, Fantastic Voyage, meshes well with the Anemo area of effect of Dandelion Breeze. If the two areas overlap, Jean can effectively cause constant Anemo-Pyro Swirl procs that last until either Burst duration passes.

Jean menu in Genshin Impact
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Jean Constellations

Her first upgrade increases the absorption pull of her Gale Blade Skill, and boosts its damage by a considerable amount. Against smaller enemies, this upgrade is very potent to continue any crowd control chain.

The second Constellation grants the entire party both a movement speed and attack speed buff should Jean absorb Elemental Particles or Orbs. A boost across the board is welcome by any team composition, and should let the Dandelion Knight heal faster through normal attacks.

After getting her fourth upgrade, the area affected by her Burst will shred enemies' Anemo RES by a considerable amount, leaving them more susceptible to Swirl damage as well. The last one is connected to the Dandelion Breeze as well, decreasing damage received while inside the zone; when stepping out, the protection lasts for up to three hits or ten seconds.

As a 5-star character, Jean lives up to the reputation as the Acting Grand Master by being strong enough even without any Constellations. Her kit very robust as is; getting to unlock should extra copies of her come is simply icing on the cake, so don't fret if she ends up spooking you in your rolls.

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