Genshin Impact 1.4 is live on all platforms

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Genshin Impact's long-awaited 1.4 update is now live, bringing some new characters and event to the game on PlayStation consoles and PC.

Now that you're jumping into Genshin Impact 1.4, we've got everything you need to know about it down below.


Latest - Genshin Impact 1.4 Is Now Live

After a few hours of downtime, the 1.4 update is now live in Genshin Impact and you can jump in to try out the Hangout events and get to know the new characters.

Genshin Impact 1.4

We'll have extensive guides on the new content as we jump in to everything, but you can check out what's new from the update down below.

Invitation of Windblume

If there's one thing miHoYo make sure to include in every new version of Genshin Impact, it's events.

In the tweet below, they shared a few key details about the upcoming events for Genshin Impact version 1.4:


We'll summarise what's being said in the tweet below:

  • Hangout Events: Barbara, Noelle, Chongyun, Bennett
  • Event Wish Ballad in Goblets: Windborne Bard Venti (5-Star), Harmless Sweetie Sucrose (4-Star), Wolf Boy Razor (4-Star), Chivalric Blossom Noelle (4-Star)
  • Daily Login Event Outland Gastronomy: 300x Primogems, and more
  • Event Wish Epitome Invocation: Elegy of the End Bow (5-Star), Skyward Blade sword (5-Star), The Alley Flash Sword (4-Star), Wine and Song Catalyst (4-Star), Favonius Greatsword Claymore (4-Star), Favonius Warbow Bow (4-Star), Dragon's Bane Polearm (4-Star)
  • Character Trial Event Test Run
  • Windborne Blossoms Event: Gnostic Hymn/Gnostic Chorus, earn intertwined fates and weapons (4-Star)

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Pre-Load Time

Players can pre-load the upcoming 1.4 update ahead of its actual launch.


This will allow players to jump into the game as soon as the servers go back online.

In a tweet, miHoYo revealed that pre-load for the 1.4 update will begin at 10pm EST on March 14th/3am GMT on March 15th.

To pre-load, simply open the launcher for the game after the above time to install the update.

Vennessa Appears in 1.4 Venti Trailer

The latest 1.4 trailer gives us a clue that a massive character may be making her way to Genshin Impact.

Surprisingly the official patch notes do not say Venessa is playable, so perhaps she'll have to wait until Version 1.5.

The only new character confirmed is Rosaria.

Release Date

It has been confirmed that the Genshin Impact 1.4 Update will be going live on Wednesday, 17 March.


The first look of Version 1.4 arrived on Saturday, 6 March - kickstarting the countdown to the new update.


Patch Notes

Genshin Impact patch notes are renowned for being pretty beefy.

Here's an overview, taken from Genshin's official website.

New Character - Rosaria

4-Star Character "Thorny Benevolence" Rosaria (Cryo)

  • Vision: Cryo
  • Weapon: Polearm

A sister of the church, though you wouldn't know it if it weren't for her attire.


Known for her sharp, cold words and manner, she often works alone.

Elemental Skill "Ravaging Confession"- Quickly manoeuvres behind the enemy (except for some large enemies) and unleashes an attack that deals Cryo DMG.

Elemental Burst "Rites of Termination": Casts an Ice Lance into the ground that deals periodic bouts of AoE Cryo DMG.

New Equipment

New Weapons

  • Elegy for the End (5-Star Bow)
  • The Alley Flash (4-Star Sword)
  • Wine and Song (4-Star Catalyst)
  • Alley Hunter (4-Star Bow)
  • Windblume Ode (4-Star Bow)

Take part in the Invitation of Windblume event for a chance to obtain the event-exclusive weapon, Windblume Ode.

During the Event Wish "Epitome Invocation," from after the Version 1.4 update – 6/4/2021 15:59 (UTC+8), the event-exclusive 5-star bow Elegy for the End, 5-star sword Skyward Blade, event-exclusive 4-star sword The Alley Flash, and event-exclusive 4-star catalyst Wine and Song will have their Wish drop rates greatly increased!

Alley Hunter (Bow) will appear in a future Event Wish.

New Events

Take part in Version 1.4's flagship event "Invitation of Windblume" for a chance to obtain the bow, Windblume Ode.

  • Gameplay Duration: 19/3/2021 10:00 – 5/4/2021 03:59 (UTC+8)
  • Event Shop Duration: 19/3/2021 10:00 – 12/4/2021 03:59 (UTC+8)

Take part in challenges during the Windblume Festival to obtain two currencies: Festive Tour Tickets and Peculiar Collab Coupons.

Spend these currencies at the Event Shop to purchase the event-exclusive weapon Windblume Ode and its exclusive refinement material "The Visible Winds," as well as the Crown of Insight and more.

Festive Anecdotes

Act I: 19 March - 5 April
Act II: 22 March - 5 April
Act III: 25 March - 5 April
Act IV: 28 March - 5 April

A series of Windblume Festival quests will become available during the event period.

Four acts of "Festive Anecdotes" will unlock over the course of the event, each bringing new quests.


Complete these quests to win rewards including Primogems, Character EXP Materials, and Mora.
More events to follow during Version 1.4.

New Game Feature - Hangout Events

After the Version 1.4 update, the new "Hangout Events" feature will be added to the game.

Travellers who reach the required Adventure Rank and complete the prerequisite quests will be able to unlock Hangout Events for Barbara, Noelle, Chongyun, and Bennett using Story Keys.

(Each Hangout Event requires 2 Story Keys to unlock.)

The Hangout Events feature unlocks at Adventure Rank 26. Story Keys are obtained by completing Daily Commissions (1 Story Key is awarded for every 8 commissions completed.)

New Quests

New Archon Quest


You hear from Ganyu and Lan that the Treasure Hoarders of Mondstadt and Liyue have banded together and plan to get involved in some ruins associated with the Abyss Order.

Fearing the chaos that the Treasure Hoarders might cause through their involvement, you take up the commission and investigate...

The Archon Quest "Chapter I: Act IV - We Will Be Reunited" will become available at a later date.

New World Quests

  • A total of 8 world quests will become available over the course of the Windblume Festival.
    • Complete these quests to win Mora, Character EXP Materials, and more!

Hu Tao Release Date Announced

Hu Tao has been anticipated by players for quite some time.

Genshin Impact Hu Tao Reveal Key Art
UPCOMING: Hu Tao will be coming to the game on March 2nd.

It has now been announced that Hu Tao will be the final banner of the 1.3 update, releasing on March 2nd until March 16th.

So, that rules out Hu Tao as being a 1.4 character, so who could be coming with the next update?

Dainsleif and Rosaria Confirmed

It has been confirmed that both Dainsleif and Rosaria will be the next characters that will be coming to the game in the 1.4 update.

In a blog post, Sony revealed the new additions to the game saying,

"In addition to all the events in the upcoming update, the Traveler will also be continuing their story as they further investigate the Abyss Order with Dainsleif the “Bough Keeper.”
As the story unravels, players will find themselves in an all-new domain where they’ll discover a defiled Statue of the Seven and encounter a powerful new enemy — an Abyss Herald. Finally, players will begin uncovering the secrets behind Teyvat’s first Ruin Guard in Stormterror’s Lair."
Genshin Impact 1.4 Rosaria
NEW: Dainsleif and Rosaria will be the latest characters coming to Genshin Impact
"In version 1.4, we’ll be adding Rosaria “Thorny Benevolence” as a new 4-star playable character. Rosaria is a sister of the Church of Favonius who players may have already encountered during their adventures with Albedo in Dragonspine.
Bearing a Cryo Vision, Rosaria is a powerful polearm wielder with an Elemental Skill that allows her to instantly shift behind her enemy, piercing and slashing them to deal Cryo damage.
Her Elemental Burst allows her to attack with a mighty slash, causing massive Cryo damage and summoning a frigid Ice Lance that deals continuous Cryo damage to nearby enemies."

Windblume Festival

With each season comes a new seasonal event.


1.3 has focused on the Lantern Rites festival, taking place at Liyue.

Monstadt will see its own festival in the 1.4 update with the Windblume festival.

Genshin Impact 1.4 Windblume Festival
EVENT: Windblume Festival will be the 1.4 Seasonal Event.

Zhenzhong Yi said on the PlayStation Blog:

"All Travelers who are at Adventure Rank 20 or above and have completed the Archon Quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom” will be invited to join the cordial celebration of the Windblume Festival.
Throughout the festival, there will be numerous mini games to play with tons of rewards and prizes.
Players will even have a very special chance to spend time hanging out with Barbara, Noelle, Bennett, and Chongyun, with the possibility of experiencing different endings and memories depending on your choices and interactions with each character."

Nintendo Switch

A Nintendo Switch port of the game was expected to launch in September when Genshin Impact came out of beta.

nintendo switch
BOTW CLONE ON SWITCH?: Genshin Impact has been announced for the system, but no release date has been given.

Unfortunately, this version was delayed and so far there has been no official release date set.

It is expected to be announced after the Genshin Impact 1.3 update with the beta beginning in early 2021 and an expected full release in mid-late 2021.

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Available Platforms

Currently, Genshin Impact is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5, PC, iOS, and Android.

The game was released on launch day on PS5 using a backwards-compatible version of the PS4 version.