Genshin Impact Slime Paradise Event for PS4

The Genshin Impact 1.4 Livestream contained tons of new information about the game, including the Slime Paradise Web Event's return.

Previously run in January, the Slime Paradise Event is aimed at PS4 players this time, though the event will remain functionally the same as when it previously ran.

While Genshin Impact 1.4 releases on March 17th, 2021, the Genshin Impact Slime Paradise PS4 Event will begin on the 25th of March!

Genshin Impact Slime Paradise PS4 Web Event: How it Works

Slime Paradise Event banner
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WELCOME: Slime Paradise returns soon

Genshin Impact's Slime Paradise is a cute little web game where players build decorations to attract different slimes to their park and unlock various gallery pieces.

Players link their accounts to the event using their Genshin Impact server region and username.

The event contains two shops, the Decorations Shop and the Rewards Shop.

The Decorations Shop allows players to spend Paradise Coins to purchase different decorations to attract different slimes.

The Rewards Shop allows players to Exchange Paradise Tickets for in-game rewards such as Primogems, Mora, and Hero's Wit.

Earning Paradise Coins and Tickets

Slime Paradise screenshot
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PARK: Players add decorations to their park to attract slimes

Each day there will be a new set of Daily Tasks for players to complete to earn Paradise Coins.

These tasks involve sharing out the event via social media, visiting Genshin Impact social media pages, and checking out the HoYoLAB, miHoYo's online community.

Paradise Tickets are earned by attracting different slimes to the park and completing certain objectives, like earning new gallery pieces or attracting Stormterror to the park.

Completing the Park

Slime Paradise screenshot
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COMPLETE: There are so many decorations to obtain.

By logging into the Genshin Impact Slime Paradise Event for PS4 every day and completing all the tasks, it is possible to fully outfit the park and buy out the entire Rewards Shop, earning the maximum amount of Primogems, Hero's Wit, and Mora.

Another interesting note is that when players visit their park each day, their slimes will be doing different things, such as soaking in a hot bath, playing, or even hiding from hilichurls.

They may even get the occasional wild boar to visit or, as terrifying as it sounds, Stormterror.

Just for PS4 Players?

While the original Slime Paradise Web Event was available to all players, miHoYo specifically targets it to PS4 players this time around.

Does this mean that mobile and PC players can not participate?

It seems kind of hard to believe they will be able to limit a web event to just console players, but there has not been any clear definition of what to expect.

If Slime Paradise is once again available to all players, there is no word whether any accumulated Coins or Tickets from the last event will carry over.

As the event draws closer, more information should be readily available.

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