Genshin Impact: Baal The Electro Archon Is Coming Soon

New lands to explore mean new heroes to meet! Here's what we know about the latest banners released by Genshin Impact.

As we are barely dipping our toes in the vast new world of Inazuma, miHoYo just dropped some big news for the upcoming Genshin Impact upgrades.

We already covered the major crossover coming to Genshin. Aloy from Horizon Zero will be a playable character but not only that, she will be free to play and you can obtain a 4 star bow also for free.

When we were just recovering from these news. miHoYo posted in the official account that Baal the Electro Archon will be a banner of the next updates and she is not alone.

Genshin Impact Upcoming Banners

miHoYo decided in the last months to battle the leaks, taking it upon themselves to share the information to the public.

In that fashion, the Twitter Account of Genshin Impact revealed the new artwork and profiles of the upcoming banners for three Inazuma Characters.

Baal the Electro Archon

The Raiden Shogun looks amazing. We already have a taste of her power when players had the chance to battle her and well-- barely lost in the New Archon Story.

Venti and Zhong Li, the previous archons are also amazing playable characters. They are the best supports in the game; one main reason why we can't hold our excitement. She will be the first 5 star electro character as well.

Kujou Sara

The general of the Tenryou Commission, she is the right hand of the Electro Archon and one of the enemies in Genshin Impact 2.0.

It isn't confirmed yet, but on the trailer, she was a bow user. What we can confirm is that she has Electro Vision.

Sangonomiya Kokomi

The Divine Priestess and supreme ruler of Watatsumi Island. She was presented as the leader of the resistance.

Her element is Hydro and will most likely be a 5 star character.

There are release dates yet, but we constantly receive upgrades every 6 weeks. We can expect Genshin Impact 2.1 will launch on September 1, 2021.

However, a well known leaker published that we can expect the electro archon banner to arrive on October 1st - so this could also be possible.

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