Genshin Impact: Farmer's Treasure Quest Guide

Genshin Impact 2.0 brings 5 new craftable weapons. In order to unlock them, you need to go through an extensive world quest.

Here's our guide on how to complete the Farmer's Treasure Quest, where you can get the recipe for the Amenoma Kaeguchi.


  • Adventure Rank 30 and to reach Inazuma Region.
  • You need to finish the Quest: Chisato's Letter in order to discover Jinren Island
  • Obtain Memento Lens at the quest Sacrificial Offering.

Part 1 - Release Saimon Jirou

  • Get a cage key from the tree at the top of Jinren Island
  • Free Saimon Jirou, who is trapped in a cage.
  • He will ask you to find the 4 stone slates.
A scene from Genshin Impact Farmer’s Treasure Quest
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FREE THE CAPTIVE: Use the Cage Key you got from the tree to release this stranger

Part 2 - Collect Four Old Stone Slates

Before you continue with this part, keep in mind that you need the Memento Lens and that the location of the stones; at least 3 of them are in similar spots to the puzzles of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual, so you can make both quests at the same time.

  • Kamisato State: Go on the beach near the state just some meters away from the ship port. It is next to a campfire and a tent.
  • The Well Of Konda Village: After passing the Torii (Japanese Gate), the same one you cleanse in the quest "A strange story in Konda". You will see an Electro Barrier, follow that path and you will find a treasury where the stone will be.
  • Undergroun of Araumi - You need to get inside the underground ruins to be able to get the 3rd and 4th Stone Slate.
  • This same path you will use on the Sacred Sakura Quest.
    • Light up All Electro Totems Around The Entrance.
    • Head to the entrance and scan the small fox statues using Memento Lens.
    • Make all the contraptions face the same direction by attacking them.
    • Head down the hole and Swim until you reach stairs. (you will find the stone on higher ground)
    • Solve the Electro puzzle and move forward to the direction of the opening.
    • Head inside the circular entrance and follow the path until you found a waypoint and a mini-boss.
    • Pick up the 4th Stone Slate by the broken vase.
A scene in Genshin Impact showing the location of the 4 stone slates
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ALL HERE: The location of the 4 old stone slates

Part 3 - Back to the Stranger

  • Bring the stones to Jirou - Go back to Jinren Island and give the stones to Saimon Jirou, the stranger you previously freed.
  • Dig for the 5th Stone - Jirou will send you to dig the 5th stone in some piles of dirt. Dig a couple of times to realize he’s lying. Go back to his location and he will be gone.
  • Release the stranger a second time on the same day. You will find he is in a cage again but this time you need to defeat his captors first.
  • Get the Key of the treasure
  • Open the treasure vault - Place the missing stones on the ground, light them all this will open door where you will find a common chest.
A scene from Genshin Impact showing the stranger, who turns out to be Saimon Jirou
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A REVELATION: The identity of the stranger is Saimon Jirou

Return to the Village for your reward

Once you open the vault, the next step is for Jirou to return to Konda Village. Meet up with the entire Saimon family, who’ll end up scolding him.

In true Genshin Impact style, your hard work gets paid off! Your Prize: You will receive the recipe of the Amenoma Kageuchi and a Northlander Sword Billet.

Details of new Genshin Impact craftable weapon, the Amenoma Kageuta
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LOOKS FAMILIAR: The new craftable sword looks like a Samurai Blade

Check our website for more guides on how to obtain the new Genshin Impact craftable weapons.

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