Genshin Impact: How to Break Electro Shield

Genshin Impact has a slew of new Electro-based puzzled with the addition of Inazuma in version 2.0.

All around, Inazuma players will encounter Thunder Barriers, a type of electro shield that blocks them from entering certain areas.

These can present themselves as domes over open spaces or as walls blocking off area entrances or paths.

How to Break Electro Shield / Thunder Barrier

ELECTROGRANA: Obtained from Thunder Sakura Boughs
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ELECTROGRANA: Obtained from Thunder Sakura Boughs

Not every Thunder Barrier can be destroyed in Genshin Impact, but they can all be passed through.

To pass through a Thunder Barrier, players must have an Electrograna, a temporary buff obtained by interacting with a Thunder Sakura Bough.

Different barriers have different strengths, so some may be impassable until Players upgrade their Electrograna buffs through Sacred Sakura's Favor by offering Electro Sigils to the Sacred Sakura Tree.

Thunder Barriers will have symbols on them denoting their strength:

Genshin Impact Thunder Barrier levels
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STRENGTH: Different Thunder Barrier levels

Certain Thunder Barriers can be temporarily destroyed by touching the source of the barrier while holding and Electrograna.

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Electrograna Levels

Level 1 Electrograna allow players to pass through the most basic Thunder Barriers.

Once players reach a Level 17 offering with the Sacred Sakura Tree they can pass through Intermediate Thunder Barriers (Electrograna Level 6).

It is not until players upgrade their Sacred Sakura Level to 37 (Electrograna Level 12) that they will be able to pass through Advanved Thunder Barriers, the highest level Barrier in the game.

There are a total of 15 Electrograna Levels, offering players various other buffs.

The final Electrograna Level is unlocked at Sacred Sakura Level 47.

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