Genshin Impact 3.0: 5 Best Dendro Teams So Far

Experimenting with the new Dendro Element in Genshin Impact has been a lot of fun. But, for the most part, have been like looking in your old stuff and finding those things you used to love, removing the dust and giving them a second chance.

We said that because the last of the seven elements have positively changed the way travelers play the game. They are creating brand new team compositions that are getting better each day.

These five best teams make the most from the new Dendro Elements. Unfortunately, there is no consensus from the community on how to name the teams yet, so we get a bit creative.

Forest Rangers

The team is led by Tighnari, the only 5-star Dendro character with the company of Collei, her apprentice.

For the team, the reaction that makes the magic is Spread, which is produced when the Dendro seeds in the field get in contact with Electro Element.

The impressive number of arrows that Tinghnari sends to enemies, with the fast Electro attacks, spark damage all over, a significant improvement from Tignari's Single Damage.

  • DPS: Tighnari
  • Sub DPS: Raiden Shogun or Kuki Shinobu
  • Elemental Enable: Collei
  • Support: Kokomi or Yelan

Dendro Fireflies

While Tighnari leading a Dendro team is not much of a surprise, the next team member was not expected, considering he was at the bottom of everyone's tier list.

Thoma, the slow Pyro Application of the Kamisato State's Clerk, is perfect for triggering the Burgeon Reaction that occurs when Pyro explodes the Dendro Seeds.

The only perk is to ensure the Pyro attacks don't explode the seeds too soon.

  • DPS: Yelan
  • Sub DPS: Thoma
  • Elemental Enable: Dendro Traveler
  • Support: For the last spot, pick the element that helps your playstyle better. It can be a second Hydro or a Second Dendro.

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Kokomi is a DPS. If you had said this phrase to someone back in Genshin Impact 2.1, they would not take you seriously, but now, it is a reality.

This very easy team to play relies on Bloom, the most straightforward reaction when Hydro gets in contact with the Dendro Seeds again.

We need both Dendro Supports and a Hydro Teammate with good damage output to play outfield for this team. And Nilou will fit the bill perfectly.

  • DPS: Kokomi
  • Sub DPS: Xingqiu, Yelan or Nilou
  • Elemental Enable: Dendro Traveler
  • Support: Collei

Quick Aggro

What if you don't have Tighnari but still want to have fun combining Electro and Dendro? Well, luckily, one of the best teams currently makes it happen.

Oz and Fischl C6 were always very viable characters but just as supports. But now, it is the moment to shine for the Prinzessin. Probably the biggest winner in the current patch along with the Traveler.

Fischl Electro Application matches perfectly with the Dendro Traveler skills. The team is very flexible and allows many combinations. As long you keep these two together.

  • DPS: Fischl
  • Sub DPS: Every Electro Character
  • Elemental Enable: Dendro Traveler
  • Support: Every Anemo Character

Frozen Vegetables

There was a lot of speculation that the dominance of the Freeze Team was long gone, as the Cryo element didn't react with the Dendro Element. But, the lack of reaction can work to our benefit.

When Cryo and Dendro Elements interact with Hydro, enemies will get frozen first, but the hydro application will still produce Dendro Seeds ready to create Hyperbloom.

The team has all the benefits of Permafrost teams, with enemies at the mercy of our attacks but with extra Dendro Damage.

  • DPS: Yelan or Ayato
  • Sub DPS: Kaeya or Rosaria
  • Elemental Enable: Dendro Traveler
  • Support: Every Xingqiu

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