Genshin Impact 2.5 Kujou Sara Farming Guide: All Locations for Ascension, and Talent Materials

The Second Phase of Genshin Impact 2.5 is just hours away. The character banners will feature Kujou Sara, a 4-star Electro Bow user.

K. Sara is the General of the Electro Archon forces. Her character design is very cool and has a unique playstyle.

For those travelers wishing for this fierce leader, we prepared a guide to help you start farming and collecting materials to get Kujou Sara ready as soon as possible.

Release Date

Kujou Sara is one of the 4-star characters in the reruns of Kokomi and Baal that is going live during the second phase of Genshin Impact 2.5 on March 8, 2022.

Kujou Sara Farming Guide

Sara is a tengu adopted by the Kujou Clan of the Tenryou Commission. Loyal to both her clan and the Raiden Shogun.

Kujou Sara is a powerful buffer with burst DMG. However, her true potential is behind Constellation 2, which will reduce the difficulty of her buff mechanics, and Constellation 6 that will transform the Electro Element.

Storm Beads are a character level-up material dropped by the Thunder Manifestation, introduced in Genshin Impact 2.1.

  • This boss is located on a platform in the sky near the Electro Beam in Serai Island, in Inazuma.
  • Players need x46 Storm Beads for an Lv. 90 Kujou Sara.
  • Thunder Manifestation drops 2-3 of these materials once they are defeated for a cost of 40 resins.

Dendrobium - Flowers that grow exclusively near battlefields and arenas of Kannazuka and Yashiori Island in Inazuma.

  • Players need 168 Dendrobium for Lv. 90 Kujou Sara.
  • There are 55 Dendrobium in the wild refreshing every 48hrs.
  • You can't grow or buy Dendrobium.

Hillichurls Mask, These are the most common enemies in the game, so it will not be hard to find these materials to level up Kujou Sara.

18 Damaged Masks, 30 Stained Masks, and 36 Ominous Masks are needed for Lv. 90 Kujou Sara.

Talent Materials

Kujou Sara requires Masks from Hillichurls to level up his talents as well. You can find these materials in all regions of the game.

  • Kujou Sara's talents require the following materials:
    • 18 Damaged Mask
    • 66 Stained Mask
    • 93 Ominous Mask

Elegance Series are talent-level books that players can obtain in Violet Court's domain in Inazuma on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

  • To max Kujou Sara's Talents, players need to collect:
    • 9 Teachings of Elegance
    • 63 Guide to Elegance
    • 114 Philosophies of Elegance

La Signora, the Fatui Harbinger, is a Genshin Impact weekly boss in the Narukami Island Tenshukaku Domain.

  • La Signora will drop the Ashen Heart when defeated.
    • Players will need 18 Hearts for Kujou Sara max Talents.

Additionally, players need Vajrada Amethyst, common crafting material for Electro Characters, and tons of Mora to level Kujou Sara to the highest level.

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