Genshin Impact 2.4: 5 Secrets Achievements in Enkanomiya

The newest Genshin Impact region, Enkanomiya, was revealed for travelers on ver. 2.4. The world underwater will tell the story of an ancient civilization that has a strong relationship with the Abyss.

Enkanomiya introduces new enemies, challenges, and a lot of world exploration that includes secret achievements along the way.

For those players that enjoy completion, here are five secret achievements from Enkamoniya and how to complete them.

1. The Ill Starred Legacy of Iwakura

The Ill Starred Legacy of Iwakura achievement continues the Inazuma's World Quest Iwakura Out.

Brief Summary Iwakura Out

  • Defeat the seven samurai of the Iwakura Clan.
  • Locations of the 7 samurai
    • Edge of Fort Mumei
    • Giant Stone Byakko Plain
    • Southeast Serpent Spins teleport
    • Cave South Tatarasuna
    • Underwater Perpetual Array Cave
    • Kujou Encampment
    • Back in Giant Stone Byakko Plain.
  • Plant two blades in the Giant Stone and obtain a Luxurious Chest.
Genshin Impact Waterfall secret sword
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Rusty Blade near the Waterfall

The Ill Starred Legacy of Iwakura

  • Teleport to serpent bowel
  • Take the rusty sword below the waterfall.
  • Go to the Iwakura's Grave in the Giant Stone in Byakko Plai and plant the sword.

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2. What Difference Does it Make?

For this secret achievement, players have to sit in three different locations.

  • Go to the secret chamber in the Dainichi Mikoshi, sit in the black stone to make NPC Kabayama Appear.
    • He will suggest three locations with a Black Stone and near a Lamp.
  • Go to the Evernight Temple.
Sitting Location in the Evernight Temple Genshin impact
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Sitting Location 1
  • Near the Teleport Waypoint in the Serpent's Heart.
Sitting Location in the Serpent's Hear Genshin impact
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Sitting Location 2
  • North the Teleport Waypoint in the center of the Narrows
Sitting Location in the Narrows Genshin impact
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Sitting Location 3
  • Go back to Kabayama and report your findings.

3. Light and Dark, Dusk and Dawn

For this secret achievement, travelers need to reach the floating platform on the top of the Dainichi Mikoshi.

Archery Challenge Location in Enkanomiya Genshin Impact
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Archery Challenge Location

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4. Step Right Up

Players need to test their bow and arrow skills for the Step Right Up secret achievement.

  • Talk with the NPC Akashi, remember to change to Evernight to contact the ghosts.
  • The Archery Challenge requires hitting the barrel in front of you.
  • Then talk to Arashi. He will reward you with a Precious Chest and the Secret Achievement.

5. Hereafter All is Well

The following achievement is a unique inclusion because we think it is good to have some fresh air. To complete this secret achievement, players need to visit Liyue Harbor.

  • To unlock this mission, players need to Complete Xiao's Story Quest.
  • Visit the Chef Mao Wamin Restaurant
  • Teleport to the Pervases Temple and talk to Xiao (Location is indicated on the map)
  • Save Wang Ping'an. In return, he will repair the temple.
  • Come back after 24hrs, real-time, no in-game time, and defeat the Treasure Hoarders.
    • Give Wang Ping'an 12 Pieces of Sandbearer Wood
  • Wait for 24 hrs more and return to the Temple and Offer Incense.

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