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Genshin Impact 2.4: How to Unlock Enkanomiya - Key Sigil Locations & Quests Guide

Genshin Impact 2.4 is finally here! With the new update, travelers received an entirely new region to explore. Enkanomiya is an underwater world that was once the domain of the Serpent God, Orobashi.

However, the passage to this new world is locked by an ancient mechanism. This is our guide to help you enter Enkanomiya.

How to unlock Enkanomiya Island

Before starting the journey to Enkanomiya in Inazuma, it is necessary to accomplish some specific requirements.

  • Be adventure Rank 30 or above
  • Complete the Archon Quest - Chapter II: Act III - Omnipresence Over Mortals
  • Complete the World Quests The Still Water's Flow and The Moon-Bathed Deep
Tsuyuko in Genshin Impact
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Tsuyuko will be your guide to Enkanomiya.

Moon Bathed Deep Quest

After clearing the Archon Quest, Omnipresence Over Mortals, head towards the Mouun Shrine. Here you will meet the NPC Tsuyuko.

She will request your help to conduct a mission vital for Sangonomiya People, a mission to retrieve the Moon Bathed Deep Key.

The first task is to collect four Spirit Pearls in the Shrine around Watatsumi Island to open the Heart of Watatsumi.

Reading the Ancient Stone Tablet next to the Shrine will give hints on how to unlock it and activate the puzzle.

  • Eye of Watatsumi
    • Break the three eye seals using Pyro or Cryo element.
    • Find the seals using your Elemental Sight and following the electro trace.
  • Fang of Watatsumi
    • Protect the Ley Line Monolith from Enemies Waves
    • Use the Electrogranum to activate the aid of the Thunder Dwellings
  • Fin of Watatsumi
    • Rotate the fish statue facing the center of the Statue.
    • Lock the positions of the Statues using the Mysterious Pillars
  • Tail of Watatsumi
    • Solve the Electric Lamp Puzzle by walking in consecutive order using the Electrogranum near.
    • Defeat all Fatui agents.
  • Heart of Watatsumi
    • After talking with Tsukuyo, head to the Heart of Watatsumi Shrine door.
    • Use the Spirit Pearls and activate the Mysterious Pillars rotating the Statue fish to the center.
    • Leave the Mysterious Pillar farther from the entrance last, defeat the wave of Water Mimics and obtain the Key of the Deep.

The Heart of Watatsumi is a cliff near the waterfalls. Mark this location, as it will be important later.

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Heart of Watatsumi Location in Genshin Impact
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Heart of Watatsumi Location

The Still Water's Flow Quest

To start the Still Water's Flow Quest, head to the Sangonomiya Shrine and talk to Tsuyuko. She will explain that there are 5 sigils protecting the entrance of Enkanomiya, and while they have three, the other two are scattered to avoid invaders.

  • The First Sigil can be found in the Fin of Watatsumi, the shrine with the fish statues you visit during the Moon Bathed Deep quest.
  • The Second Sigil can be found in the Heart of Watasumi, the same place where players obtained the Key of the Deep.

After collecting both Sigils, the map will show the mechanism's location to activate them and unlock the door to Enkanomiya. After that, Tsuyuko will guide you the rest of the way.

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