Genshin Impact 2.2 Livestream: Date, Characters, Events, Locations, Promo Codes

Genshin Impact 2.1 is underway and, with Genshin Impact 2.2 expected to come out in mid-October, there's a lot of speculation as to what we will see.

miHoYo will run a live stream to dispel some of this speculation, and it should go live about a week before the 2.2 release.

Due to the lack of substantial leaks caused by many prominent leakers stepping down, this update should have a few surprises for players in store.

Genshin Impact 2.2 Livestream Date

The Genshin Impact 2.2 Livestream will take place on October 3, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. EST / 2 p.m. BST.

Where Will It Stream?

miHoYo made a major change by switching their Livestreams to Twitch, and the Genshin Impact 2.2 Special Announcement Program will follow this trend.

For those who miss the Livestream, the VOD will be available on YouTube shortly after the stream concludes.

The Livestream will be broadcast in English and Chinese.

What to Expect

While there have been no official announcements yet, leaks indicate players will see new characters, new locations, new bosses, new features, and new items in Genshin Impact 2.2.

New Characters

Genshin Impact Thoma
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THOMA: He's basically a better Childe

Currently the only known character coming to Genshin Impact 2.2 is the 4-Star Pyro Polearm, Thoma.

After many rumours is confirmer we are receiving two new reruns, the charcaters coming for a second and a third time are Hu Tao and Childe.

Latest News- Character Reruns

We have confirmed, that the banners coming for Genshin Impact 2.2. are two reruns. The first is Childe Tartaglia and the Second Banner is Hu Tao with the company of the new Pyro character, Thoma.

All will be known once the Livestream is over!

New Locations

Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island
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Tsurumi Island was first seen in the 1.6 Livestream, and it is rumored that it will finally arrive in Genshin Impact 2.2.

Surrounded in dense fog, its been many years since anyone has visited this island; being shrouded in mystery and hard to access by boat, some even wonder if it is still there.

Tsurumi island will introduce new enemies. Rifthound and Rifthound Whelp, They can apply corrosion (Lost of hp through time)

New Weapons / Items

  • New weapons:
    • Polar Star Star, 5-Star Bow (Crit Rate), a weapon tailor made for Tartaglia.
    • Mouun’s Moon, 4-Star Bow (ATK%)
    • Akuoumaru, 4-Star Claymore (ATK%)
    • Wavebreaker’s Fin, 4-Star Polearm (ATK%_
  • New items:
    • Ayesha’s Chaos Prospector (Gadget)
    • Floral Zither (Gadget, Instrument)
    • Good news, the storage capacity for Artifacts will be increased from 1000 to 1500

Livestream 2.2 Promo Codes

These are the livestream promo codes. Make sure to redeem before October 4, 2021 at 12am (UTC-4)

  • LBNDKG8XDTND - 100 Primogems, 10 Mysthic Enhancement Ore
  • NB6VKHQWVANZ - 100 Primogems, 5 Hero's Wit
  • BSNUJGQFUTPM - 100 Primogems, 50000 Mora

Quick guide to redeem codes:

Make sure you're at least Adventure Level 10 before you do this though, otherwise it might not work!

  1. Log in to the miHoYo website
  2. Go to the "Redeem Codes" section
  3. Select your Regional Sever from the list
  4. Enter your Character's name from the game
  5. Enter the code

New Events

Besides the regular incoming events, this version will see the return of hangouts. With two new storylines. Thoma and Sayu

  • Hangouts
    • Thoma and Sayu storylines.
  • Labyrinth Warriors
    • A rogue-like dungeon where players can earn a free Xinyan
  • Shadow of the Ancients
    • Travelers will work with a Sumeru Scholar
    • Investigating surveys with an special gadget, looking for pieces to repair Pristine Spikes.
    • Data Sampling, we need to reactivate the pristine spikes.
    • Live Testing, use the pristine spikes to deactivate the regenerative power of Ruin Guards
  • Tuned to the World’s Sounds
    • Another rhythm-based mini-game
    • Players will play alongside other characters
    • Seven Characters will join this event with their own song: Ningguang, Zhong Li, Keqing, Xiao, Kokomi, Ayaka and Raiden Shogun.
  • Dreams of Bloom
    • Serenitea Pot Flower Event
    • Players can grow and trade flowers and seeds with other players.
    • Travelers will also be able to give these flowers as gifts.

Serenitea Pot 2.2 content

Our Serenitea Pot will have new items and options to continue building the realm of our dreams:

  • New Real Layout: Silken Courtyard, this new realm will be available after unlocking level 40 of the Sacred Sakura.
    • This new realm have Inazuma vibes, Sakura and Shallow Bodies of Water.
  • New Furnishing: Floating Platforms
    • Playes will able to adjust the height of this floating platforms, set furniture over them.
  • World Exploration will include a new type of chest: Remarkable Chest, where players can find new Furnishing blue prints or New Set bue prints.
  • Players will be able to get blue prints from the Forge, Crate Furnishing Menu and the Crafting Bench.
Razer Equipment Genshin Impact Collaboration.
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Now your Razer Gaming Equipment will have your Favorite Game in them..

Genshin Impact, Collaboration with Razer

Travelers will able to purchase Genshin Impact Special Edition, Razer products.

  • Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
  • Soft Gaming Mouse Mat
  • Iskur X Ergonomic Gaming Chair

More Anniversary Surprises

miHoYo is currently battling a very toxic portion of the Genshin Impact community when it comes to Anniversary Rewards. It would not be surprising to see them announce another sort of reward coming fans' way during the Livestream.

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