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Genshin Impact thanks Travelers with Letter and Free Primogems

Some hours ago, Genshin Impact players received an in-game mail from the Genshin Impact Operations Team. The content? A thankful note and unexpected rewards - including free Primogems!

Here are the details and the implications of this message, just one day after a complicated anniversary of the world's favorite Gacha game.

Thank You all Travelers 1/4

This is the subject of the mail that travelers received on September 29th, 2021 at 10:42 am.

The content is a letter from Genshin's team thanking the gratitude of all the players. The message is also a reminder for the upcoming online concert on October 3rd.

For the most part, the message includes the attachment of two big rewards:

  • 400 free Primogems
  • The glider: Wings of Shimmering Galaxy

The glider was announced as part of the Boundless Symphony Bundle, in commemoration of the upcoming first Genshin Impact Concert.

By the time that this note was written, this mail was received only for players in the Asian Server. However, it is addressed to all travelers. We can assume the gifts will arrive to NA and EU based players once their servers refresh.

The Genshin Impact surprising gift letter
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An unexpected email received by all Genshin Impact players.

The first of more gifts to come

Based in the subject, this message seems to be the first of four, which gives us a reason to believe that this is just the first of four similar messages.

Second Round of Gifts

Travelers have received the second part of the series of Genshin's thank you gifts, the rewards this time around are:

  • 400 Primogems
  • 2 Fragile Resin
Second Letter with gift from Genshin Impact
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Conirmer, we have two more set of gift coming from Genshin Impact

Now we know for certain that there are more messages coming and two more sets of rewards.

Our predictions for the next rewards

Image of Kokomi in Genshin Impact wearing Wings of Poetic Melodies
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This is the design of the new glider: Wings of Poetic Melodies
  • More Primogems, 400x4 is equal to 1600 Primogems, just enough for 10 wishes that guarantee a 4 Star Character or a 4 star Weapon.
  • KFC wings, Leaks indicated that Genshin Impact was collaborating with Col. Sanders in the design of a special glider.
    • However, after months, there are no signs of the red and yellow wing despite the community constantly requesting them.
  • Tuneful Delight Namecard, it is possible that more parts of the initial Concert Bundle are going to be given as rewards in the mail as a thank you.
  • Splendid Phrase: A playable harp for your Serenitea Pot. According to the announcements, this instrument can be played similar to the one of the Windblume Festival.
  • Five star character or Weapon: While this would be a massive reward, being able to choose a 5 star character or weapon from the permanent banner would be a nice addition (Mona, Qiqi, Jean, Diluc, Keqinq)

The possibility of picking an old 5-star character or weapon was a possibility that most members of the community were expecting as part of the Anniversary Celebration.

However, miHoYo decided to give most gifts as prizes in the real-life contest. This situation complicated the relationship between the developers and the fan base bringing some complaints to the surface.

Yesterday, during the anniversary of Genshin Impact, more than 2 million players brought down Genshin Impact's rating in the Google Play Store from a shiny 4.1 to a very concerning 1.8.

Let's hope these surprising gifts are the beginning of necessary amends with the community that made this game one of the most popular in the world.

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