Genshin Impact Labyrinth Warriors Event: Get a Free 4-Star Character Now

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The only thing more significant than the return of Childe in a banner is the return of Childe to the Genshin Impact story.

Labyrinth Warriors, the new combat challenge event in Genshin Impact 2.2, will combine action, challenge, and an enticing background tale along the way. Here is everything you should know about the event!


The requirements to participate in Genshin Impact 2.2 Labyrinth Warriors are:

Event Details

Labyrinth of Warriors' first stage will start on October 21, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. server time.

  • October 20, 2021, at 7:00 p.m PT
  • October 20, 2021, at 10:00 p.m EST

The event will be divided into five different challenges stages and two different shops:

Event Contet
Start Time
End Time
The Ominous Demesne
2021/10/21 10:00
2021/11/07 3:00
The Brutal Divergence
2021/10/23 4:00
2021/11/07 3:00
The Vengeful Wood
2021/10/26 4:00
2021/11/07 3:00
The Echoes Absolution
2021/10/29 4:00
2021/11/07 3:00
The Rending Absolution
2021/10/29 4:00
2021/11/07 3:00
Trial Trove I: Event Shop
2021/10/21 10:00
2021/11/11 3:00
Trial Trove II: Event Shop
2021/10/26 4:00
2021/11/11 3:00

Labyrinth Warriors

The Roguelike dungeon time-limited event will occur in the Domain: Mystic Onmyou, where players will meet a paper Ninja figure called: Shiki Taishou.

Shiki will be an ally during battles providing Shikifudas and Charm Magic, buffing players' teams.

The stages for Labyrinth Warriors are similar to those in Inazuma Domains, with sliding wood doors and several battle dojos.

  • The event consists of 4 battle stages or Dungeons.
  • Players will receive three kinds of currencies after defeating enemies in the battle stages.
    • Damaged Replica: purchase Charm Magic to enhance Shiki abilities.
    • Battered Shikifuda: draw random buffs/debuffs for your teams.
    • Aged Token: Use for redeeming rewards in the event shops.
  • Similar to the Spiral Abyss, players will bring two teams of 4 characters into the battle.
  • Collect enough Aged Tokens to get Xinyan (Pyro) 4-star character for free.
  • Before starting a new challenge, teams can be buffed with a selection of 9 different Shikifudas.

Note: Damaged Replicas, Battered Shikifudas, and Aged Tokens will disappear once the event is over.


There are nine different buffs that players can select to increase the chances of their teams in the Labyrinth Warriors Genshin Impact event:

  • Shikifuda: Bedrock - Increase character's resistance to interruption and reduce damage taken.
  • Shikifuda: Thunder Orb - Unleashes a Thunder Orb and generates extra Elemental Particles.
  • Shikifuda: Ensorcelled Waters -Restores 4,000 HP and restored stamina and HP through time.
  • Shikifuda: Strixwind Summoning -Summon a Strixwind spirit that will produce an Anemo shockwave when it is destroyed.
  • Shikifuda: Snowstorm Summoning - Summon a Snowstorm spirit that will deal AoE Cryo dmg and decrease the elemental resistance of enemies.
  • Shikifuda: Streamsurge Summoning - Summon a Streamsurge that will explode, dealing Hydro dmg and trap three enemies in mist bubbles.
  • Shikifuda Seal of Cataclysm Wind - Creates a wind barrier, all party members gain extra jump and bonus Movement and ATK speed.
  • Shikifuda Seal of Fierce Flame - Creates a flame barrier, increasing the DMG of all party members and decreasing the DMG taken.
  • Shikifuda Seal of Flashing Lighting - Creates a lighting barrier, reducing the CD of all party members Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst.
Labyrinth Warriors Cut Scene in Genshin Impact
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Credit: @ImpactYoimiya
Childe and Xinyan are joining side with the Traveler

The Rending Absolution

The last part of Labyrinth Warriors is a Story Challenge that will not drop Damaged Replica and Aged Tokens.

Instead, Childe and Xinyan join the Traveler and Shiki to defeat the dangerous enemies and find out the truth behind this domain.

Players will also discover why Childe's Banner is called farewell to Snezhnaya and what he is doing in Inazuma? Very Exciting!


Rifthounds are the new enemy in Genshin Impact 2.2. These creatures are monsters from the Abyss created by the alchemist Gold.

They are wolfmen flying creatures who can deal damage through shields and inflict corrosion that will reduce characters' HP through time.

They will be the main enemy in the Labyrinth Warriors Event. So make sure to prepare your healers.

Image of Genshin Impact new event, Labyrinth Warriors.
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These powerful creatures will inflict corrosion.

We will know more about the origin of these creatures in Genshin Impact 2.3 when Albedo is back to help the traveler defeat a new threat in Dragonspine.

Labyrinth Warriors Rewards

The Genshin Impact time-limited event offers big rewards; the prizes will include:

  • Primogems, Mora, and Ascension Material, Crowns
  • Free 4 star character Xinyan (exchange for x1000 Aged Tokens)
  • Shiki Koshou, a new companion like a Seelie with the shape of a Samurai Toy.
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