What Are The Best Games Like Fortnite? Warzone, Apex Legends and More!

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Fortnite is without a doubt the world's most popular game still! However, that does not mean other games are not close in popularity.

The battle royal genre is one of the newest ones to take over the gaming world and it has some phenomenal titles.


When you are not in the mood to crank 90's and go head to head in Fortnite, there are some great alternatives.

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Here are some of the best battle royals to check out for May 2020!

Apex Legends

  • Price: F2P
  • Platform: PC, Xbox and PS4

Respawn Entertainment's entry into the battle royal scene came as a surprise last March, as there was no leadup to the release.

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The game is still widely played across the world and it just released a brand new season, which implemented a new Legend.


The game is still one of the fastest-paced battle royals out there, and the gunplay is exceptional in Apex Legends.

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LEGENDS - Apex has some outstanding characters!

If you have not checked out Apex Legends yet, it is never to late to join the party.


  • Price: F2P
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox and PS4

Warzone is the latest entry into the battle royal genre, with it releasing only two months ago.


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Being a free-to-play Call of Duty battle royal was a massive step in the right direction for the franchise. Whose latest try at battle royals was not the best to say the least.

Now, with Warzone quickly topping the charts worldwide as one of the most popular games; gamers cannot get enough of it.

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GUNS BLAZING - There are so many weapons in Warzone!

If you love any aspect of Call of Duty, Warzone may be the perfect match for you!

Darwin Project

  • Price: F2P
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox and PS4

Moving away from the AAA titles, we are now going to spotlight a game that many of you may not have heard of before.

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Although Darwin Project has been out for quite some time, it has never really picked up the steam that other battle royals have.

Darwin Project

SWEET - One of the most underrated battle royals!

However, if you are looking for a great game that has a fun array of ability and mobility; then it is definitely worth checking out.


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