UPDATED Is building gone from Fortnite forever?

When Fortnite Season 2 arrived on Sunday, 20 March, not many people were expecting anything too drastic to be added - or taken away - from the game. Low and behold, we got the landscape changing decision to remove the building feature from the game!

While many players had been asking for a no-build mode in Fortnite for some time, has this change gone a little too far? Let's take a look at what we know about the decision so far and what the future holds.

UPDATE - No-Build Battle Royale Confirmed

Building is back in Fortnite but so is the brand new No-Build Battle Royale game mode! This is Epic's answer to the incredible popularity spike that the game has seen since building was removed at the start of Season 2.

Is Building gone from Fortnite forever?

In short, no. Building has not been removed from Fortnite permanently but only for story purposes in relation to Season 2. It's also likely returning by Wednesday, 30 March.

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This doesn't, however, mean that the idea of a permanent no-build mode isn't possible in the future. It's incredibly unlikely to be the 'main' game mode as it currently is but demand for such an option has been high in recent months.

Despite Fortnite's continued success and massive player base, there's always room for growth. The building aspect of the game has long been cited as keeping a large number of players from ever even trying the game.

It's been a long-running meme that whenever a shot is fired at a player in Fortnite, they'll spend the next 30 seconds building some ridiculous defensive structure only to pop their head out and either get killed or land a killing blow.

We would be very surprised if a no-build mode isn't considered for future permanent status but right now, the ball is in Epic's court. Fortnite is always looking for ways to improve its offering while keeping every part of the community happy, this certainly seems like a win on both fronts.

We'll keep you up to date with the latest developments once we know more!

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