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Is Fortnite going to release a No-Build mode?

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Fortnite is still undoubtedly one of the most popular games on planet earth. Despite this fact, one big feature that is at the heart of the game is also the reason why many new players drop off playing the game after their first few hours.

Building was one of the big features in the original Fortnite game when it was just Save the World. This feature carried over into the Battle Royale game mode. Due to the skill level involved with high-level building, it's often too intimidating when you come up against it, especially if you eventually lose the firefight.

Will Fortnite pull the trigger on a No Build mode as so many have requested? Here's what we think...

Will Fortnite ever have a No Build Mode?

Honestly, we can't see any reason why Fortnite would be keen to alienate a huge part of their existing fanbase by adding a No Build mode. It could be seen as pandering to an audience that likely isn't even engaging with the game prior to the mode existing.

fortnite no build mode
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We've all come up against a player who can built a city by the time our clip is empty

Fortnite has managed to reach its current level of popularity and pop culture relevance by trusting in its core gameplay since its release. Despite this, nothing is impossible. In 2021 we saw an Among Us style game mode called Imposters added completely out of the blue.

Epic will never stop looking for ways to positively add to the overall Fortnite experience. If they feel like a No Build mode can be added to the game without any sacrifices, then it's something they will consider.

For now, if the idea exists, it likely would have been leaked like most other content in the game is. At best, it's in early development but we'd imagine it is - at most - written on a post-it note, on a whiteboard, somewhere in the Epic offices at best.

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