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Fortnite Chapter 2: Best Weapons to use after the Vault hammer struck!

Fortnite Chapter 2 is well underway and RealSport wants to give you the best possible chances of gaining that almighty first win on the new map!

With so many changes having occurred from the end of Season X to the start of Chapter 2, it can be quite confusing on where the best location is to land and what guns you should and shouldn't pick up to be successful in a battle.

RealSport will depict all there is to know when it comes to picking a place to land and what loot to pick up in Fortnite Chapter 2.

 The Vault Hammer Strikes

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Here is everything that was vaulted in Chapter 2:

  1. Heavy AR (AK)
  2.  Suppressed AR (Scar)
  3. Tactical SMG
  4.  Suppressed SMG
  5. Infantry Rifle
  6. Minigun
  7. Heavy Sniper
  8. Automatic Sniper
  9. Hand Cannon (Deagle)
  10. Flint Knock Pistol
  11. Silenced Pistol
  12. Revolver
  13. Stink Bombs
  14. Shockwave Grenades
  15. Junk Rifts
  16. Batman gear
  17. Bouncers
  18. Shield Bubbles
  19. Zapper Trap
  20. Launchpads
  21. Chug Splash
  22. Boogie Bombs
  23. Chug Jugs
  24. Slurp Juice
  25. Vending Machines
  26. Campfires (they still exist in the wild)
  27. Hoverboards
  28. Mechs

Yes, that's right a whopping 28 guns and items that have been vaulted. This takes Fortnite back to the stone age, bringing back the nostalgic feelings of Season 1.

However, you may be left wondering what does this mean for the future of new items in Chapter 2! It is likely that we as a community will see the return of some of the items that are in the list above as the weeks and seasons go by.

With limited ways to move around the map, we need the fan favourite Launch Pad back in our Battle Royale lives.

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Hot or Drop

With so many weapons and items being vaulted and introduced to us just only a week ago, what weapons should you carry and which weapons should you drop?

The perfect loadout should comprise:



SLOT 2 - Shotgun


SLOT 4 - Healing

SLOT 5 - Sniper/ Rocket Launcher/ Healing

During a game of Fortnite this is the bog standard class setup that every player should be aiming towards. We understand that this may not always be possible... but if the Fortnite Gods are on your side, then this set up shouldn't be too difficult to achieve.

Here are all the weapons available in the Chapter 2 loot pool:

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